GPS Fleet Tracking for Construction

If you manage a construction fleet, we can customize a fleet management solution that solves problems and saves time. Stay on top of fleet operations, improve profitability, and maximize efficiency with software that integrates with your daily routine.

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Boost Your Bottom-Line With Titan GPS

Tracking In Real-Time

Track Every Asset. Right Now.

Protect and observe your assets to guarantee that they’re being operated properly and as effectively as possible. Develop baselines derived from the initial data you will receive after installing the Titan GPS system into your assets. Once this baseline is developed you’ll know what the current average uptime is, and you’ll be able to establish attainable goals for your equipment and operators.

If you prefer a hands-off approach to optimization, our Driver Coaching feature issues audible alerts inside the cabs of your assets when thresholds are broken. For example, if you discover that one of your operators spends too long idling, you can set Driver Coaching to issue an alert to notify him that he needs to get back to work.

Know Who's Behind the Wheel

Increase Accountability

Our Driver I.D. system uses key fobs that link to your employees so you know who is operating a specific vehicle, at any given time. After drivers log in to the asset, they are free to operate the vehicle or equipment without interruption. Until that asset is shut off, the initial operator and asset are paired together. 

Generate detailed reports based on asset, or driver, which allows you to easily compare internal performance and identify outliers. Increase accountability, reduce paperwork, and polish your operational visibility. 

Extend Asset Life

Protect Your Assets

Maintenance tracking is a key aspect of getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your equipment and vehicle assets. Automate fleet maintenance scheduling based on odometer reading, calendar, or engine hours.

Do you need multiple schedules for a single asset? You can create as many maintenance schedules as needed to ensure that your fleet’s maintenance history is spotless.

Gain Valuable Insight

Improve Profitability

Titan GPS gives access to a wide variety of reports from Driver Scorecards to Fleet Summaries that will give you insights into where your construction fleet excels and where it can be improved.

We’re dedicated to providing data that turns actionable insights into real-world money-saving results. Section fleets off by asset, brand, region and access KPI reporting that need to know people can use to boost the bottom line of your construction business.

Custom Solutions

The construction industry has a broad reach, with many players in the game. We understand that a one size fits all attitude won’t work for your construction company. That’s why aside from our wide variety of devices and solutions from hardwired to self-powered and cellular to satellite, we are proud to offer custom solutions. Just get in touch by sending us a message or giving us a call and let us know what your organization wants to accomplish and we’ll find a way to get you there.

Customers Who Have Improved Their Fleet Operation With Construction

Ken Franczek
Ken Franczek
Crystal Glass
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Drivers Slowed Down

‘We slowed drivers down and improved safety. Save enough in insurance to pay for the entire system.’
Angelina Ziehr
Angelina Ziehr
All Span Building
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Easy Tracking of Equipment

‘We usually need to know answers in an expedited period of time and they need to be accurate - Titan GPS helps us with that. The customer service provided is also excellent’
John McPherson
John McPherson
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More Jobs Through

‘Titan GPS has really helped. We’re putting more jobs through, and our customers couldn’t be happier.’
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