U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.


When every second counts, how you manage the first response to threats against life and property is critical. Emergency Dispatch & Routing is a purpose-built tool from Titan GPS FieldDocs designed to provide first responders optimal trip information as soon as they hit the road.

Emergency services dispatch

Purpose-built for municipal emergency services.

By simply entering a destination into the system on their end, emergency service dispatchers can quickly and easily create a job and dispatch anything from a single unit to an entire response group with just a few clicks.

Dispatchers can leverage automatic route calculation, or customize the trip for each asset. The Titan FieldDocs platform then displays the most efficient route right on first responders' mobile devices, saving time on route planning, job acknowledgment, and en route confirmation.

What is Fleet Management

Real-time alerts & feedback

Ensure every call has the right response.

Eliminate miscommunication and be confident that every call will get the appropriate response with mobile alerts for first responders.

Dispatchers get feedback in real time. With the ability to see which assets have acknowledged, accepted, or rejected a call, responses can be managed depending on assets available or already on the way. With en route and arrived status built into the platform's functionality, dispatchers will stay in the loop the entire time.

advanced mapping for better planning

Save time, plan each trip, and avoid inefficient routes.

Send first responders accurate directions to emergencies and callouts with optimal routing for faster response, more efficient communication, and better asset utilization​

Leverage the familiar Google Maps interface to plot out the quickest, most optimal route from home base to the scene instantly, and push the critical information straight to the first responders' devices with just a few clicks.

Titan Field Docs

Digitize your in-field operations

A mobile operations tool designed to eliminate onsite hard-copy paperwork, improve efficiency, streamline safety procedures, and take your in-field operations to a whole new level!

From custom forms to asset inspections and time tracking, Titan FieldDocs is a set of versatile modules engineered to digitize in-field operations, ease administrative burden, and organize paperwork.

Available Modules

Take Advantage of the Versatile Titan GPS’ FieldDocs App!

FieldDocs is a subscription-based service engineered to digitize and improve overall business operations.

The easy-to-use FieldDocs platform is designed to turn virtually any mobile device into an onsite tool that helps with efficiency, communication, and safety. Learn more about the different features and functions of FieldDocs and how your business can take advantage.

Speak to the experts at Titan GPS to learn how you can further optimize your operations with FieldDocs!


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