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Hit Your ETA on Every Dispatch

Streamline your dispatch for productivity and speed. Eliminate time-wasting calls to your team on the road and plan your dispatch workflow with clear records of what items were completed. Adjust on the fly and gather timely updates on your job status.

Digitize Your Dispatch Now

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Dispatch & Routing


Stop Playing Phone Tag with Your Drivers. Dispatch Everyone to New Jobs Digitally.

Save time and money when sending your crew to their destination.  Our integrated system provides ETA’s on-the-fly. FieldDocs captures and stores your data digitally, while the dispatch dashboard gives you a clear view of your team and assets.

driver on the phone next to an image of a new job coming through a smart phone

Digitize Your Dispatch Now


Communicate Jobs Efficiently

Communicate with your team without picking up the phone. Send the right job directly to the right driver. Dispatch your vehicles, set routes, and communicate without a clunky group text on your mobile device. Guide your field technicians to the proper jobsite for their next job. Ensure drivers never miss important information and always know which message is for whom. Add a new job in the Titan GPS interface, add as many stops as you like, providing the driver with real-time updates to a list of destinations. Select the driver or vehicle and dispatch. 


Supply Driver With Everything They Need

The driver receives a notification and can review any notes about their prescribed destinations. After acknowledging the job, the driver can choose to navigate to their location and our Google maps integration gives them the best route to each destination. The driver reports completion of each step so the dispatcher always knows the progress report of the job. 


GPS Tracking, Dispatch, Inspections and ELDs Together

There’s no need to use multiple mobile apps or programs to track your assets, receive status updates, and create detailed reports. Guarantee your clients get their orders delivered and service requests answered on time and intact. FieldDocs is an all-in-one software solution with a variety of features that improve your fleet maintenance, digitize inspections, enhance dispatch, and pairs with an easy-to-use ELD (Electronic Logging Device).  


Fleet Dispatch Solutions for Any Industry

Whatever you need dispatch functionality for, you can be sure that the most efficient vehicle in your fleet is sent out to get the job done. Our dispatch software solutions are used to improve business intelligence in:

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Infinite Forms

Receive a custom digital form tied to a job!

Capture on-site job information by receiving a customized digital form tied to your worker’s current job. Field techs can submit inspection checklists with photos, customer info, invoices, signatures, tech lists, and any other on-site information like a delivery photo. Then they can effortlessly send them back to your back-office team to review, approve, and file away.

tablet with documents


Nortech Advanced NDT Goes Paperless with FieldDocs

We partnered with oil and gas servicer Nortech Advanced NDT in Edmonton to help them consolidate their paperwork in a more efficient way. Nortech was already familiar with Titan GPS’ vehicle tracking technology, and they seamlessly transitioned into using FieldDocs for field service management. CEO James Maxwell says FieldDocs has been very convenient for the company and his crew quickly picked up on the new software. After years of inefficient papers, Nortech employees have taken to the user-friendly FieldDocs app and aren’t looking back.

Developing Hauling Brokerage Company

Company Stretches Daylight by Going Digital with Titan GPS Dispatching

We partnered with a Calgary-based Hauling company to move them from messy paper dispatching forms to a digital system that helps keep drivers safe and on time.  They went from confusing group texts to a single platform that keeps them in immediate contact with their dispatch throughout the day. After outfitting nearly a dozen vehicles in their fleet with Titan GPS & Dispatching, they’ve saved hours on reviewing inspections, preparing dispatching binders, and other manual daily procedures.

Driver's Journey

diagram of a driver's day

-6:30 a.m. – Vehicle Inspection- Driver completes detailed pre-trip inspection for their vehicle and trailer

-7:00 a.m. – Dispatched – Driver acknowledges job and receives your suggested route to their next destination

-7:05 a.m. – HoS – On Duty Status – Driver logs their time by connecting to their vehicle and switching their status to “On Duty”

-9:30 a.m. – Receive Messages – Drivers kept up to date with changes and important announcements from dispatch

-9:35 a.m. – Doc Management – Driver accesses supporting documents and other documents pertaining to your drivers’ current job, like work orders. Updated docs available offline, out of cell range.

-12:00 pm – Fuel Receipts – Driver immediately tracks their fuel for pricing or to be used as a supporting document during roadside inspection or IFTA reporting

-4:00 pm – Digital Forms – Driver submits delivery confirmations, daily checklists, signatures, and proofs of delivery from the field all within one app

Dispatcher's Journey

diagram of a dispatcher's day

– 6:30 a.m. – HoS – Guarantee that your drivers have enough hours available to complete a job and start route planning. 

– 6:45 a.m. – Dispatching – Start sending jobs to your drivers for the day and monitor their status in real-time 

– 7:00 a.m. – Vehicle Inspection – You receive real-time notifications of any defects, giving you time to prepare for repair and servicing  

– 9:00 a.m. – Messaging – Inform your drivers of any changes to their schedule or job, send important company-wide announcements, or check in with drivers. 

– 9:35 a.m. – Doc Management – Easily ensure that job-site safety information, roadway permits, safety meeting notes, and manuals are quickly available to your drivers 

-1:00 p.m. – Fuel Receipts – Review completed fuel receipts and submit accurate IFTA reports on time 

– 2:00 p.m. – Digital Forms – Check that proof of service, delivery, work orders, and safety meeting notes have been reviewed then signed. Also, receive instant notifications of on-site job hazards that need attention.  

– All Day – GPS Tracking – Review your overall driver activity for each day in Titan GPS’ user-friendly dashboard. You’ll be notified of aggressive driving, vehicle/asset locations, and vehicle health and maintenance to hit your safety KPI’s. Use these features in tandem to keep up with ELD compliancy. 

Streamline Your Dispatch Now

delivery driver using tablet in van with parcels next to him

Verify Technician Time on Site

If a customer claims someone from your team arrived late or left the job early, your custom geofence will provide a record of their arrival or departure from the customer’s home, business, or job site. Improve accountability and identify areas where drivers are known to waste time to revamp your job costing and keep tabs on your workers in real-time.   

Provide Enterprise-Tier Customer Service

Providing customer updates is easy with photo proof of delivery and signature collection all within FieldDocs. Now, even small fleets can offer the same TMS (Transportation Management System) enterprise experience as Amazon or FedEx for their clients without the enterprise pricing. FieldDocs provides your driver with the technology they need to complete their job in a timely and efficient manner.

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Digitize Your Dispatch Now

woman looking dejected sitting at computer

Mitigate Burden on Staff

Bring back the weekend for your team with fewer things to handle manually. Make coming in after hours to catch up on paper logs a thing of the past. Free your staff to be more productive on everything else they have to do. Fewer resources and hours need to be spent following up with drivers when you have an integrated digital solution.  

road sign that says "expect delays"

Eliminate Delays

Eliminate long delays in your dispatch process that burden customers and staff alike. Optimize productivity and speed to ensure customer satisfaction. Make the most out of your team’s daily routine by hitting deadlines and maintaining efficiency on the road.

frustrated man on phone

Reduce Time Wasted

Reduce truckloads of wasted time on calls to your team or declined service requests. You will know where they are and when they’re available.  

a driver signing off on a vehicle inspection on FieldDocs


Your drivers can record their signature in the app to ensure job completion when they’ve finished. You can hold them accountable so nobody cuts any corners.

man with a tablet talking to a delivery driver and a woman


Ensure your drivers are staying compliant with your operating protocols and inform your personnel on day-to-day expectations. 

ipad displaying equipment journey information

Capture Data as Needed

With your job data all stored in FieldDocs, you can easily analyze data as needed with the functionality to export to a PDF or spreadsheet software.

a truck entering a geofence with a container that sends a signal

Automate Billing

Geofence for Job Costing

Set up geofences (a.k.a. landmarks) around job sites to automate billing and job costing. When your assets arrive within a geofence it creates an “enter” time-tracking stamp. Additionally, when your assets depart the location, the system would log it as an “exit” event. Run the billable landmark report to get accurately accumulated “time-on-job” per asset.

Success stories

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The preferred dispatch solution to manage any type of vehicle. The customer experience speaks for itself. FieldDocs is ideal as service dispatch software for field services, or trucking dispatch software for trucking companies.

James Maxwell
James Maxwell
Nortech Advanced NDT - CEO
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“FieldDocs saves everybody a whole lot of time and effort. We went from a completely paper-type of system to a paperless system. We’re looking like FedEx – it's a one-stop shop that ties into our GPS already. Titan’s got some good stuff. It’s helped us in terms of safety, efficiency, and paperwork. I would recommend it.”
Jeremy Davison
Jeremy Davison
Semerra - Pressure Testing Supervisor
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“In case of a DOT inspection, it tracks your hours of service for you, it draws your straight lines, it puts in your current address or your location, taking a lot of the responsibility off the guys. It leaves so much less room for error with the app. I highly recommend Titan FieldDocs, especially their customer service, straight up.”
Merlin Lee
Merlin Lee
Peace River School Division - Transportation Manager
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“A good fit right off the bat. Anything that was a paper form, we’ve now put as a FieldDoc. The pre-trips come in on a timely manner. Right now they can snap a picture and send it to us immediately. Titan seems to be progressive, they seem to be willing to go the extra mile for the customer. We always say, ‘Talk to Titan and see what they have to offer.’”

Digitize your Dispatch

Dispatch and Routing through Titan GPS provides a digital solution to your manual dispatch problems without having to use multiple apps.

Equip your fleet with an all-in-one platform for GPS tracking, vehicle inspection, form submission, and dispatch with Titan GPS FieldDocs.  Gain full visibility and monitor the location of your fleet without having to call.

dispatchers looking at monitors

Digitize Your Dispatch Operations Now

As many as you have in your account.

You can add as many jobs and stops as you like.

Yes. You can send first responders accurate directions to emergencies and callouts with optimal routing for faster response, more efficient communication, and better asset utilization with our Emergency Dispatch solution.

Jobs can be edited after they are dispatched to add stops where needed.

Not necessarily. With a valid address, the driver can use the maps app to navigate to the location, but you can also right-click anywhere on the map to add a stop at any location.

Yes, after you have at least two stops added to a job, you will be able to see the Google-recommended route on the Titan GPS Dashboard.

Yes. You can dispatch a job by either driver or vehicle.

The dashboard will show update statuses beside each job.

The Titan GPS Dashboard will the real-time status of jobs you’ve dispatched from “in-queue” to “completed”. A check mark will populate next to all statuses as they are completed.

The driver uses the FieldDocs app to accept and interact with jobs you dispatch. They can update their activity through the app while they are en-route to mark them as complete.

Yes. You can update job info and cancel jobs live on the dashboard. Drivers will be able to see all updates on their dispatching tab in their FieldDocs application.

Management Software

More Than Just Dispatch Software

Titan GPS FieldDocs is a mobile operations tool with modules designed to minimize paperwork, centralize documents, and optimize field operations. You get a truckload of field-service-management features for custom configuration to fit your unique needs. FieldDocs is everything you need in a single operations management app.

FieldDocs overview


Extensive Toolbox of Features

FieldDocs is more than just a tool to keep track of your vehicle’s inspection status. FieldDocs is a fleet operations app that supports your drivers’ entire journey within one service. It includes ELD, fuel receipts, digital forms, dispatch management, field service, and more. It has all kinds of custom digital forms that work in harmony with your operational workflow.

PRE-TRIP Inspections

Never Rely on an Out-of-Date Paper Inspection Form Again

Digitize your paperwork and immediately get data to the back office with Titan GPS FieldDocs Pre- and Post-trip Inspections. Get instant access to digital inspection reports, verify your drivers complete all necessary forms in real-time, and ensure damaged vehicles are fixed before they are driven. NSC Standard 13 and CFR §396.11 compliant.

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