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Top 6 Benefits of Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking

Snow is not a unique phenomenon in cities across Canada. On average there are 55 days of snowfall greater than 2 millimeters. Val-D’Or, Quebec averages the most at 102 days and Victoria, British Columbia he least with ten days. The snowiest city on average is Gander, Newfoundland with 443 cm of snowfall and Victoria, British Columbia with 44 cm of snowfall. Canada is a big country covering a lot of terrain and averages are just the starting point for winter road and highway maintenance fleets.

Snow plow fleets both small and large have to be organized in such a way that they can remove large amounts of snow on the roads across their jurisdictions within a short period and allow drivers to continue on their journey. Managing a snow plowing fleet is a challenging aspect, which can only be achieved through an advanced GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking solutions help management systemize all the routes to use available plows effectively. Sometimes during the winter, snowplow employees have to re-plow streets every few hours regardless of weather, which means that the fleet needs to be accountable.

Fortunately, fleet management software’s telematics data allows managers to see when their crew starts and stops a job and much more. Sound intriguing? Here are some important things for you to know.

What about GPS Snow Fleet Tracking System?

When the storm hits, a vital role of the fleet manager is to know where snow plow vehicles are. GPS snow plow tracking gives real-time updates and real-time location of a particular plow. It also provides important records on the roads that have already been plowed and the ones yet to be plowed.

So, what are the benefits of Snow Plow Tracking Software?

1. Accurate Billing

As a snow plowing contractor, you would like to put your billing reports in order. You don’t want to struggle to produce justifiable invoices when claiming payments. GPS fleet tracking software allows you to show the exact time that has been spent on a particular job, where de-icer has been applied, and snow has been removed. This means accurate and precise invoices for customers.

2. Timeliness

We all know that snow removal business is seasonal, which means that you have to maximize that period for you to remain successful in business. GPS tracking software will help you know the exact location of the plow so that you can inform the crew about nearby storm emergencies. Unlike your competitors, you would want to your call center to respond to customer inquiries with confidence and accurate information; ‘our snow plow will be at your location in 15 minutes.’ That’s how customers trust you.

3. Crew Organization

Snowstorms hit instantaneously and it would be important if you’re able to organize your crew within the shortest time possible. With a snow plow tracking software, you will be able to direct your crew to different routes and track them swiftly. Let your drivers concentrate on their work, and you manage the entire team at a central position.

4. Enhance Safety during Work

Snow plows are likely to break easily as they are engaged in the push and pull activities on the roads. As a fleet manager, you are concerned about the safety of the truck and also the safety of your employees. If an accident occurs, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything has been normalized within the shortest time possible.

This is where a tracking device comes in handy. It allows you to get an exact location of your fleet so that you can organize for emergency response swiftly. Without a web-based GPS tracking system, it would have been difficult for you to understand the location of your fleet, which would complicate the matter.

5. Gain Visibility

As a fleet manager, your work is to handle remote operations. You have to optimize the deployment of all the snow plowing equipment in your fleet. But how do you do that if you cannot track the location of your fleet? Snow plow tracking software gives you an opportunity and ability to control all snow plowing operations in a remote location. You can find out which vehicles have been left idle based on their GPS log changes.

6. Optimize Utilization of Snow Plows

Fleet GPS tracking allows you to ensure maximum utilization of the snow plow and other assets at your disposal. Snow plow tracking system will present an analyzed and comprehensive report that pertains the number of hours worked, on-site hours, and the hours spend on the move. These reports will help you to make a better judgment on how you can optimize the utilization of snow plows and other assets that are used to remove snow on the roads.

GPS snow plow tracking can help your employees be accountable, organized, timely, safe, and visible. Contact us today to learn more!

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