Titan MuniCAMS for Municipalities

Gain an entirely new level of control over the safety, precision, and productivity of your municipal fleet with Titan GPS Central Asset Management System for Municipalities (MuniCAMS) solutions for the public sector. MuniCAMS is a purpose-built tool specifically designed for public works, enforcement, and emergency personnel, enabling public entities to monitor their mobile assets in detail anywhere, anytime.

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Elevate Public Sector Services

When managing public sector vehicles, equipment, and first response fleets, you’re dealing with restrictive budgets, right-sizing, new traffic regulations, and emission reduction targets. You need the assurance that the tools you’ll be using are cost-efficient and deliver significant improvements.

Titan GPS’s specialist team has worked together with municipal and first response fleets to know what works, what is needed, and why. We tailor solutions to what is most critical for governments and municipalities in a sustainable, safe and economical fleet management.

Track and Manage Your Entire Public Works Fleet All on One System

Public Works

Pickups, graders, sprayers, mowers, snowplows, or gravel trucks,  MuniCAMS is built to handle it all. As the most complete vehicle tracking and asset management system available for public sector operators in the US and Canada, MuniCAMS gives your personnel more insight and visibility into fleet operations than ever before.

Designed and Built Specifically for Your Emergency First Response Assets


MuniCAMS for emergency gives operators a direct connection to crews on the ground. Provide real-time routing and dispatch more efficiently via in-cab monitors connected to the MuniCAMS system.

Titan Leads the Industry With Our MuniCAMS


Designed with robust data inputs to inform decisions in real-time, you can ensure your enforcement team is equipped for any situation.

Manage critical systems and information when it matters most with automated alarm systems, dispatching, routing, and advanced mapping solutions.

Custom Solutions By Titan GPS for
Agriculture Departments


Get more insight and efficiency from assets in municipal agricultural departments. Increase productivity and analyze utilization for roadside spraying operations, soil conservation equipment, crew trucks, or any other mobile asset.

The Ultimate Asset Management System for Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Designed for mixed fleets comprised of anything from boats and UTVs to snow blowers, enforcement vehicles, and everything in between.

Titan GPS solutions for Parks & Rec departments provide the ultimate asset management tool for departments that handle a little bit of everything.

Configure Your Map View to Fit Your Organization

GIS Overlays

Get more visibility into the areas that matter to you. Upload custom shape files and leverage web map services to get a true view of your municipality’s area of operations, overlaid directly onto the Titan GPS mapping dashboard.

With no file size restrictions and support for ESRI and open-source web map services, you can configure your mapping dashboard to see anything from real-time weather patterns to boundary delineations and detailed points like fire halls, hydrants, bridges, and more.

Real-Time Insight Into Your
Fleet Movement and Activity

Field Activity Dashboard

Designed with plows, sprayers, graders, and sweepers in mind – stay on top of live progress and review the recent history of work completed from a single dashboard. Eliminate the need for constant dashboard refreshing, driver/operator check-ins, and asset filtering with the Field Activity Dashboard. This powerful and easy-to-use dashboard is configurable to fit the needs of your organization, area of operations, and road maintenance tasks at hand.

Stay on top of which roads and sectors have been recently serviced, what routes remain, and time elapsed since the last pass with an intuitive color-coded map overlay. 

Custom Solutions

We understand that the public sector is under constant scrutiny and pressure. That’s why we are proud to offer our Titan MuniCAMS and custom fleet tracking and management solutions to further help the government sector get more done, with less.

Manage Your Entire Fleet From Anywhere, Anytime

Easy-to-use Mobile Tracking App

Designed to tackle the hassles of managing a fleet while on the go, the Titan GPS Fleet Management App keeps you connected, no matter what.

Connect with your operation from anywhere and check in on asset location, status, and more.Engineered to provide fleet operators with a new degree of control and insight, without the need to be tethered to a desk.

Digitize In-Field Operations

Mobile In-field App

Reduce operational inefficiencies and optimize workflow by connecting your entire organization with a single digitized platform. The versatile Titan GPS In-field App provides municipalities with a powerful tool for digitizing and optimizing operations for individuals and crews working in the field.

Manage The Fluctuation Tracking
Needs of Cyclical Work

Seasonal Rental Program

Easily and affordably track and manage seasonal assets. Not every asset in the fleet is going year-round. The Titan GPS Rental Program provides public works departments with an affordable, flexible option for keeping track of seasonal assets without requiring a long-term commitment.

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Ken Franczek
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