U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Never Lose Another Tool Again

Locate high-value tools, equipment, and attachments the moment you need them. 

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Trusted by top performers

The #1 Bluetooth Asset Tracking Choice for the Top Operations in North America Including:

If this sounds familiar you need Titan GPS Bluetooth Beacons ->

bluetooth vehicle tracking three tools on a construction site - bluetooth asset tracking

Locate and Track

Gain Full Visibility on Asset Locations

Locate tools and attachments the moment you need them with real-time visibility from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Gain full visibility on asset location with Bluetooth Beacons and the Titan GPS Tracking Dashboard.

Automate Tracking

Track Assets Automatically When in Range

When you add Bluetooth Beacons to your Titan GPS system, any assets with a Bluetooth tag report their location to the fleet tracking hardware on your vehicle.

Bluetooth beacon is an IoT (internet of things) asset tracking solution. So, whether a Bluetooth Beacon is attached to an asset at a construction site or a remote forest, you’ll be able to instantly view its real-time location on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

venn diagram of bluetooth vehicle tracking a welder and jackhammer - bluetooth asset tracking
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Position Data

Always Know Where Things Are

Once your vehicle comes in range of the beacons, it receives your asset’s position data so you always have the most up-to-date position including the last time the asset was in range. You get latitude, longitude, date, and even which direction it was headed at the time. You can monitor these positions in real-time or set up email and SMS movement alerts within the Titan GPS Fleet App.


Stick It On or Screw It In

Installation is easy. The BLE beacons are about the size of a key fob and are attachable to tools, devices, or vehicles by screw or adhesive. The rugged Titan GPS Bluetooth Beacon is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy-duty work.
bluetooth asset tracking - beacon attached to jackhammer

Premiere Logging Partner

Customer Tracks Hundreds of Heavy Equipment Attachments with Bluetooth Beacon

We partnered with a multi-million dollar logging company to make sure their most valuable attachments don’t get lost deep in the forest of Northern British Columbia. They use our Bluetooth Beacons to locate hundreds of buckets, scoopers, hammers, log grabbers, bulldozers, and more that are easily left behind on the 4-hour drive to their deep-woods work site.

Stop rifling through spreadsheets

Get Time Back in Your Day with Pinpoint Accuracy on Hundreds of Tools

Instantly log all of your most valuable assets in the field, get alerts when equipment is moved, and ensure nothing gets lost  

bluetooth asset tracking, bluetooth tool tracking, gps tool tracking, bluetooth gps tracking

Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Equipment

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Set It and Forget It

Once you install your beacon, you never have to worry if your operators have turned anything on. Drivers don’t have to touch the app. Just start up the vehicle and it’s good to go.  

No Power Source Required

Beacons come standard with a battery that lasts up to 10 years. The low-power BLE emits a signal that piggybacks off of your vehicle’s GPS hardware to do the heavy lifting. 

bluetooth beacon battery 10 year battery life
beacon with ripples

Always Plotting

Assets automatically plot on the dashboard with real-time positioning or last-location if vehicle GPS modules go outside of beacon range. 

real time asset tracking

Real-Time Asset Tracking

See where all your tools are moving in real-time. Our BLE technology (Bluetooth low energy) comes standard with a range of up to a city block (260 feet) and an adjustable battery life that lasts up to 10 years. 

bluetooth asset tracking, bluetooth tool tracking, gps tool tracking, bluetooth gps tracking

Automatic Alerts

Use the Tracking Dashboard to get alerts when your physical assets enter or leave a “landmark” such as a job site. 

map view of generator left behind with asset information

See Last-Known Location

Long after leaving a tool behind, you can see its last-known location so you know where to look when you come back. 

truck in range of generator with bluetooth beacon

Automatic Location Updates

As your vehicle drives within range of the last-known position of your equipment, any new location tracking data will automatically populate on your dashboard.  

All the tracking is done for you, effortlessly.  

ipad displaying equipment journey information

Paperless Paper Trail

Everything about your equipment’s journey is collected by Titan GPS so you know exactly where it was at any given time. Toss out your equipment transfer forms and shared spreadsheets.  

bluetooth text alert

Get Texts When Assets Move

When assets leave a ‘landmark’ site at the end of the day, you can receive messages through SMS so you are always informed even if you are away from your computer.  

Extreme Cold and Weatherproof

Our equipment survives extreme temperatures. We test all our hardware and beacons in a freezer that goes to -58 Fahrenheit (-50 Celsius) and have an “almost no-fail” rate on our vehicle modules to ensure our clients always get the highest quality product.  

Oil & gas field covered in snow
bluetooth asset tracking, bluetooth tool tracking, gps tool tracking, bluetooth gps tracking

Superior Long Range

There’s a clear advantage to a beacon that transmits up to a city block versus the common 30 foot range.   Our Bluetooth tracking tag’s signal reaches much further than any consumer product on the market. Even stronger customized ranges are available as well.

Fleet Hardware Trumps Consumer Bluetooth

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Backed by Fleet Technology

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Bluetooth for Fleets

With TitanGPS Bluetooth Beacon, you don’t have to rely on your employees’ cell phone data or wi-fi as you do with consumer-grade Bluetooth tracking devices. Bluetooth Beacon is served by GPS hardware in your vehicles.

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High-Volume Tracking

While consumer Bluetooth systems struggle to handle more than 16 trackers at a time, the Titan Dashboard handles hundreds of assets at once with superior wireless communication. Bluetooth Beacon was built for fleets.

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Low-Cost Asset Tracking System

BLE asset tracking is far more affordable than active RFID. Readers for RFID wireless technology are 10x as expensive as Bluetooth technology and their batteries don’t last. Bluetooth Beacons last longer, cost less, and cover more ground than RFID.

Video Testimonial Here

Complete visibility

Bluetooth Beacons are the Hassle-Free and Far-Reaching Way to Locate Everything

Your operators feel at ease knowing they won’t lose high-value assets. You get more oversight, and more work done. 

old bucket attachment covered in dirt

Trusted by top performers

“We never lose valuable equipment anymore. I can always see where my team left our most expensive-to-replace tools.”

Hank S., Site Manager

Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Equipment

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