GPS Fleet Tracking For Oil & Gas

If you manage an oil and gas fleet, we have a custom solution for maintaining and improving your visibility and reporting. Manage your operations, digitally log important data, and communicate with your drivers with a single software, all in one place.

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Oil Industry & Energy Sector

Boost Your Bottom-Line With Titan GPS

Oil and Gas companies face extreme challenges in remote regions, battling tough environmental conditions. The safety of your crew is essential and keeping operating costs low a top priority.

Titan GPS has earned a reputation for rugged reliability through a broad selection of GPS hardware. With cellular, satellite, and dual-mode (cellular/satellite) GPS hardware available, you are sure to have un-interrupted connectivity to your vehicles, equipment, and assets virtually anywhere. You can rely on real-time location tracking and PatchMap Oilfield Mapping to improve confidence in worker safety & compliance, and increased operating efficiency.

Virtual Geo-Fences

Increase Accountability

The Titan GPS capability to craft custom geo-fences means that you’ll gain the ability to know exactly when your people and assets enter a designated area, how long they spent there, and when they left. Create landmarks around valuable worksites to ensure your people are giving the service your citizens deserve.

Track times of arrival/departure, speed, and PTO use within any geo-fenced area. You can even configure exception-related alerts or set up geo-fences around problematic areas where drivers are known to waste time. 

Patchmap Oilfield Integration

Built for the Oil Patch

Utilize the most comprehensive set of continually updated oilfield maps in existence. PatchMap oilfield mapping is expertly integrated into Titan GPS as a searchable overlay. The gold standard visual assistant, reporting engine, and alerts tool for fleets operating in the North American energy sector! 

Key Features

  • Easily search by LSD, PNG, Wellsites, ¼ Sections, and Facilities 
  • LSD to LSD dispatch
  • Comprehensive mapping including Private Lease Roads
  • Search and export lists of active drilling rigs by company
  • Intelligently plan your travel and quickly apply for permits needs 

Primary Benefits

  • Ensure your vehicles are in the right place at the right times 
  • Receive alerts for site-to-site crew movement 
  • Assist drivers with precise navigation

Tracking in Real-Time

Track Every Asset. Right Now.

Do you have multiple employees and vehicles in the field? You’ll need to know where they’re at and where they’re going to consistently hit ETA’s. Our Live Tracking feature is the cornerstone of the Titan GPS system. Through simple integration, you can monitor the location and status of all your tracked electrical fleet assets, live. Observe your crew turn by turn, set timed intervals, create route changes, and provide updates all in one place.

Gain the instantaneous visibility needed to operate a profitable electrical business fleet with Titan GPS. 

Historical Fleet Activity

Know Where Your Drivers Have Been

The Titan GPS Fleet Replay feature is essential for those who want to see the entire history of their fleet activity. See every route taken, every stop made, and every mobile asset that was active. Be as granular as you like with data such as location, speed, direction and more. Create custom exception overlays to identify outliers. Validate billing and timesheets so that time paid equals time worked.

Track your vehicles to prevent unauthorized activity and confirm they’re used solely for their intended purpose. 

Custom Solutions

No matter where your fleet of vehicles or equipment operates, competitors are around every corner. Equipped with a variety of resources and skills at their disposal. We understand that the energy sector operates on strict timelines, that’s why our solution is perfect for those who need to get more done. That’s why aside from our wide variety of devices and solutions from hardwired to self-powered and cellular to satellite, we are proud to offer custom solutions. Just get in touch by sending us a message or giving us a call and let us know what your organization wants to accomplish and we’ll find a way to get you there.

Customers Who Have Improved Their Fleet Operation With Oil & Gas

Curtis Evans
Curtis Evans
SMS Equipment
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Less Equipment Downtime

‘There's always someone checking in with us. New orders are processed quickly and the vehicle is never out of service long. It's been a really good partnership.’
John McPherson
John McPherson
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More Jobs Through

‘Titan GPS has really helped. We’re putting more jobs through, and our customers couldn’t be happier.’
Ken Franczek
Ken Franczek
Crystal Glass
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Drivers Slowed Down

‘We slowed drivers down and improved safety. Save enough in insurance to pay for the entire system.’
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