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Semerra Cuts Audit Time in Half With FieldDocs


Semerra needs to have eyes on their trucks when they travel in remote areas without cell service – sometimes up in the wilderness of the Northwest Territories.

“We lose reception, guys don’t have reception when they’re in the bush,” Semerra Oilfield Pressure Testing Supervisor Jeremy Davison said.

As an oilfield pressure and pumping company, Semerra Ltd provides support to oil and gas clients throughout Western Canada. They need to make sure their trucks are in good condition and meet local regulations and track their trucks’ locations in the far-off areas of Northern Alberta. To do all that, Semerra Oilfield Pressure Testing counts on Titan GPS tracking solutions and its FieldDocs application to keep the best possible information on its fleet of trucks.

Night-and-Day Customer Service Difference

Semerra made the switch to paperless inspections years ago because the paper forms were tough to keep track of, buying all the books was expensive, and the errors in the logs were costly.

Davison added, “By the time you got done filling out your log in the morning you have a hand cramp because you just got done filling out the same thing you’ve been filling out for the past year.”

Their previous GPS service provider solved some of those problems, but there was still a lot to be desired.

The main issue with their old provider was customer service, or the lack thereof.

“They were difficult to get ahold of and took a long time to get back to us in correcting the issues we were having,” Davison said.


Never Rely on An Out-of-Date Paper Inspection Form Again

Digitize your paperwork and immediately get data to the back office with Titan GPS FieldDocs Pre- and Post-trip Inspections. Get instant access to inspection reports, verify your drivers complete all necessary forms in real-time, and ensure damaged vehicles are fixed before they are driven. NSC Standard 13 and CFR §396.11 compliant.

It’s a night and day difference with Titan GPS. Davison said they were not a priority to their previous service provider, but with Titan GPS they get help whenever they need it.

“I can get ahold of him with a quick email and the response is typically very quick,” Davison said.

Davison added that their Titan GPS service representative was always accessible and very helpful in teaching their drivers how to use the FieldDocs app. In fact, Semerra added one Titan GPS rep into their company chat app to provide direct help to the drivers learning how to use the new app, some of whom aren’t the most tech-savvy.

That proved to be a great decision by Davison because the drivers got access to expert FieldDocs knowledge from the Titan rep so pressing questions were answered quickly. In turn, Titan GPS gets first-hand information on the issues drivers are dealing with.

“My boss called me and was like, ‘Jeremy, I think that was the smartest thing you’ve done in at least eight months,’” Davison said.

Not every business operates on the typical 9-to-5 schedule, that’s why Titan GPS provides the best round-the-clock customer service.

Using FieldDocs

The FieldDocs app has made pre- and post-trip inspections easy for Semerra. While there were some initial learning hurdles, Semerra’s drivers took to the new app quickly and didn’t look back.

“It’s user-friendly,” Davison said. “The app is super easy to use. It’s super straightforward. It makes sense.”

That’s just what you want in a work app, especially when it is being used by every driver in your fleet. When drivers are doing pre-trip inspections they just go through a checklist on the app and designate “pass” or “fail” each checked item. Those results are digitally transmitted to the back office so the manager has instant access to the trucks’ status.

But it is more than just a simple app to use. FieldDocs essentially acts as another employee since it can save you time by doing complicated tasks.

“FieldDocs does all the auditing for you,” Davison said. “It’s taking the time that we were spending in the past when we were using paper logs and having to audit paper logs – the time has been cut drastically.”

All In One App

Semerra also uses the GPS tracking feature from Titan GPS to ensure their trucks are functioning properly in the secluded Canadian forests with no cell reception.

“It’s still nice to have Titan GPS to track our guys, to make sure they’re moving, to make sure there were no sudden stops,” Davison said.

Davison and his crew have easy access to their drivers’ real-time location with the GPS tracking component integrated into the FieldDocs app. And when you have drivers roaming through the bush – instant knowledge of their whereabouts is a must.

Easy To Use

Titan GPS and FieldDocs provide Semerra with a cost-efficient, structured digital GPS and digital document solution that revolutionizes fleet tracking and management while making the driver’s life easier as well.

Davison thinks so too and commends Titan GPS for its smooth learning process and excellent customer service.

“I would highly recommend Titan FieldDocs to another company. Their customer service has been phenomenal, the app is very user-friendly,” Davison said.

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