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Track unauthorized usage, automate routine maintenance, and maximize utilization. Our system alerts you to theft, equipment servicing needs, and optimizes job costing.

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Equipment Tracking


Know Where It Is, Where It's Been, and Everything in Between

Stop theft in its tracks, get a clear vision on utilization for job costing, and stay ahead of your maintenance schedule 
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Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Equipment

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Hardware Sends Data Directly from the Field​

Titan GPS equipment tracking works using a telematics GPS tracker that is installed directly into your machine to provide usable data on the Titan GPS interface.

Asset tracker features:


Connect the Dots

When your assets’ data arrives in the system – that’s when the magic happens. The IoT tracking device accumulates data points and the Titan GPS software connects the dots to create various useful reports and alerts including equipment location, utilization, driver ID, unauthorized use, and a graphical dashboard with real-time location updates so you can see where your assets are live. 

laptop with Titan GPS interface next to a skid steer
excavator surrounded by fault codes on a laptop monitor with a smartphone next to it getting an alert

Engine monitoring

Fault Code Alerts

We can set up alerts for you based on various fault codes firing for preventive maintenance. Avoid downtime from breakdowns. Some of the data we collect from an ECU includes: 


Hardwire or Plug-n-Play ​

Whether your equipment is equipped with an ECU or is a more standard machine, our GPS tracking devices can handle it.  

icon with wires for power ignition and ground


Hardwire installations are a very common option for equipment that does not have an ECU or onboard computer. This type of install captures ignition events which are then accumulated over time to calculate vital metrics such as engine run-time for automated routine maintenance. We offer ruggedized GPS devices that support up to 24-volts.

ECU Plug-in

Our equipment trackers are compatible with a variety of ECUs which monitor equipment diagnostic data to provide metrics they have available including engine health data, engine run-time, and movement. Some equipment ports are the standard OBD-II-style used in vehicle tracking but most equipment ECUs utilize a standard JBUS-style port


Detect Suspicious Events

Imagine it’s midnight on a Saturday and the ignition was turned on in one of your machines. Titan GPS trackers detect suspicious events like this and send them to your tracking software so you can be alerted when there’s unauthorized use at a certain place or time.

Real time notifications alert you to afterhours use and tampering, so you can take immediate action to prevent theft.

man breaking into skid steer
man installing gps on construction equipment


Onboarding, Installation, and Training

As soon as an order is placed your hardware is on the way and immediate support is available to help with an easy install. Our onboarding support is dedicated to getting your GPS technology set up and functional and getting you fully trained. Tech support and ongoing training is available for any questions or concerns that arise.


Put an End to Underutilized Assets

Titan GPS software accumulates engine hours anytime the ignition is triggered in equipment fitted with our GPS trackers.

The tracking system captures engine run time and presents it in the form of a utilization report that can tell you how much the machinery was used in a given period. The utilization report within the tracking software can help you decipher whether your machine is underutilized. 


Long-Term Customer Keeps Pricing Competitive and Gets Field Service Documents in Real-Time

We partnered with electrical contractor Chemco to help them manage their large equipment and fleet vehicles. Over the years we have helped them optimize the utilization of their 500+ assets and they have been able to keep pricing competitive for their clients. More recently, as the company has scaled they ran into issues where their back office wasn’t getting crucial service documents until months later. Titan GPS’s latest field service management software FieldDocs helped them log this info into their system in real-time.


Customer Tracks Movement of Dozens of Heavy Equipment Assets Per Day

We partnered with multi-million-dollar excavation and paving company Deford Contracting Inc during a time when strong market growth was straining their processes to assist with their Heavy Equipment Tracking. Of their 250-piece fleet, they rotate dozens of pieces of equipment on a daily basis in and out of different construction sites. To alleviate the strain of their processes, they implemented our tracking system and were able to greatly improve the overall utilization of their heavy equipment. 


Ensure Heavy Equipment is Secure and Ready for Use

Get movement alerts, diagnostics, engine run-time data, and everything you need to know for optimal performance. You can monitor it all from any device.

diagram with gps units signaling to tower and user interface

Optimize Your Equipment Utilization With GPS Fleet Tracking

man giving thumbs up in a skid steer after installing gps

Install - that's all

Once you install your hardware, that is all there is to it. You will never have to touch it again. Any updates to the device are done over the air with no need for hands-on service. All of our equipment tracking devices operate off of your equipment’s power source so you don’t have to worry about battery life either.  Backup batteries only kick in when your equipment loses power.


Advanced reports and telematics dashboards allow you to gain deep insights into your operations of trenchers, backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, graders, tractors and more. Make informed decisions on how to best manage your construction fleet with runtime reports at a glance and a real-time GPS tracking system.

man putting key in construction equipment


By using the ignition access control you can remotely disable the equipment’s starter and prevent anyone from starting the equipment after hours or on weekends. 

security camera facing away from construction equipment

Protect from theft

Get real-time visibility into abnormal equipment events and facilitate recovery of  a stolen piece of equipment by directing authorities to its current location. Compatible with the most commonly-stolen equipment such as skid steers, backhoes, and wheel loaders.

excavator pouring dirt


Get high-level utilization insights with an intuitive real time dashboard as well as detailed reports to analyze your relevant fleet metrics. These in-depth analytics help you improve equipment utilization across the whole fleet. 


Capture actual work time per job site for accurate reporting and billing. Monitor arrival and departure of equipment on construction sites and compare idle time vs work time. With Driver ID you can identify who is operating what machine and when.
bluetooth text alert

Get Texts When Assets Move

When assets arrive or depart a ‘landmark’ or geofenced site at the end of the day, you can receive messages to your cell phone so you are always informed of its most recent location even if you are away from your computer.

man pointing at tablet to another man


Ensure your operators are staying compliant with your operating protocols and inform your personnel on day-to-day utilization expectations. Get alerts when units are due for maintenance and keep your staff accountable. 

ipad displaying equipment journey information

No Paper Trail

Everything about your equipment’s journey is collected by Titan GPS so you know exactly where it was at any given time. Eliminate any paperwork that might be used to keep track of equipment moving from place to place.

Extreme Cold and Weatherproof

Our equipment survives extreme temperatures. We test all our hardware in a freezer that goes to -58 Fahrenheit (-50 Celsius) and have an “almost no-fail” rate on all types of GPS trackers to ensure our customers always get the highest quality product. 

Oil & gas field covered in snow
construction equipment entering a geofence

Geofence for Job Costing

You can set up geofences (aka landmarks) around job sites to automate billing and job costing. When your assets arrive within a geofence it creates an “on-the-job” time stamp. Additionally, when your assets depart the location, the system would log it as a “clock out” event. Run the billable landmark report to get accurate accumulated “time-on-job” per asset.  

Success stories

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The best GPS tracking solutions for asset management of any type of equipment. For construction companies and more.

Matt Cahill
Matt Cahill
Corrosion Service - National Health & Safety Manager
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“ I would recommend this device to anybody. It is very easy to learn, it’s very interactive, at the same time, it’s very user-friendly. It allows health and safety professionals like myself to track trends. It allows me to be proactive as opposed to being reactive—potentially stopping an event before it happens.”
Lee Zwarich
Lee Zwarich
Chemco - Senior Vice President of Operations and Service
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“The volume of information is amazing and gives you the ability to drill down and get equipment pick-out or get down to the fine details on equipment. By proper utlization of our fleet, we’re able to keep our pricing competitive for our clients. I would definitely recommend Titan GPS, it has handled a large fleet very well”
Loretta Prevost
Loretta Prevost
Ponass Lake - Administrator for the RM
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“I've been tracking cost of maintenance and repairs and that helps us plan for the future. Titan was willing to work with some of our other software providers and have everything done in one step. It's beneficial to council, the employees and it's really beneficial to me. It's a very user-friendly system, and I like that”

Video Testimonial Here


Titan GPS Equipment Tracking Provides Deep Insights And Alerts When You Need Them

Maximize utilization. Keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Know it’s safe and secure. Titan GPS gives you peace of mind.

Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Equipment Now

non-powered assets

Self-Powered Tracking Solutions Available

Additional options for non-powered assets and high-value tools. These types of devices have a very affordable, low monthly fee.

GPS Asset Tracking

Battery and Solar-Powered GPS Asset Tracking

If you have assets that do not have their own power source such as trailers, railcars, or containers, we have you covered. We offer a variety of self-powered asset tracking devices including battery-powered or solar-powered units

Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Titan GPS Bluetooth Beacons

Additionally, if you have a need to track smaller high-value moveable assets, we offer TitanGPS Bluetooth Beacons which are low energy Bluetooth asset tracking tags that can be placed on anything from a generator to an excavator bucket. 

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