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Chemco Keeps Pricing Competitive and Gets Field Service Documents in Real-Time

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Chemco is a multi-disciplined industrial contractor providing construction and maintenance solutions trusted by thousands of clients across Canada. They have been in industrial contracting for over 50 years providing clients with the skills they need to build and maintain their facilities (Petrochemical, Refineries, and Upgraders primarily). 

Their award-winning infrastructure is focused on delivering predictability by managing timelines and costs. They chose Titan GPS to manage 90% of their 500+ unit fleet and provide customers with the high-quality predictable services they have come to expect. 

The Story Behind Titan GPS and Chemco’s Partnership 

Chemco’s first experience with Titan GPS tracking and equipment management for their fleets started nearly a decade ago because of a personal recommendation and has grown into a mutually-beneficial relationship. 

As their business grew from surface-level services to operations involving excavations or other underground projects, it required better management of their vehicles as well as their equipment to service their clients from the pipeline, oil/gas, drilling, and supporting industries. 

Now, they use Titan GPS’s services for “anything that’s got an engine or tires or tracks,” remarks Lee Zwarich, the Senior Vice President of the Operations and Service Divisions of Chemco. 

“We want to have everything in one place so we don’t have to switch over systems,” adds Zwarich. 

One Paper, Innumerable Assets 

Before Titan GPS, Chemco’s GPS tracking was handled manually, with workers going into the field and reporting on the status and condition of equipment. Zwarich notes how they would often only have the “long location” instead of an exact spot to navigate to. Monitoring of aspects such as equipment hours, servicing, and vehicle routes was often tedious, and locating equipment was not exact. 

This problem changed with the inclusion of Titan GPS and its sophisticated tracking features. 

By tracking who is going where, their route, and appropriate equipment allocation, Chemco ensures efficient management of its vast 500+ vehicle fleet including pick-ups, semi-trucks, tractors and more. 

The engine-run-time and odometer features help ensure accurate billing for vehicle usage within or outside of work hours. The tracking also helps measure under or over-utilization of equipment so that the charge-outs can be proportional to usage. 

“The volume of information is amazing and gives you the ability to drill down and get equipment pick-out or get down to the fine details on equipment,” says Zwarich. 

Lost In Translation 

Prior to implementing Titan GPS, crucial data such as service records, equipment/vehicle inspections, or paperwork surrounding the condition of their inventory was easily­ misplaced, and maintaining the data for various business units in a consistent manner across all locations became an onerous task. 

Zwarich confesses how crucial paperwork about servicing, such as a report of a broken air conditioner that was delivered months after the time of need, would delay the response time and make the customers and operators unhappy. They believed that they were not being taken care of appropriately, which put Chemco’s client satisfaction at risk. 

“My fleet guy gets back a box full of equipment inspections and says ‘Hey, this guy said on July 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th my air conditioner broke, he stopped reporting it, he’s pissed off, our cab (referring to the cab of the equipment) is a disaster because he thinks we don’t care about our equipment, so why should he” says Zwarich. 

Chemco now uses the FieldDocs application which provides equipment information on-hand, and is currently being utilized for on-site sign offs, safety meetings, and hazard analysis. 

FieldDocs’s simple and intuitive mobile interface helps ensure the application is simple to utilize for individuals and has company-wide reach for better visibility and insights. 

Zwarich is excited about its “ability to get sign offs, proof of review for safety documents,” and “quick rollout of documents to remote areas.” 

“By proper utilization of our fleet, we’re able to keep our pricing competitive for our clients,” says Zwarich. 

The “Titan” That Saved the Day 

Chemco wanted to marry the data from GPS tracking with the data from FieldDocs to avoid spending extra time managing or relaying documents. 

Titan GPS’s tracking services and FieldDocs application help Chemco achieve this goal by tracking vehicles, locating equipment, and tracking equipment hours or vehicle kilometres. 

This helps accurately charge business units for their usage of equipment or vehicles in real-time and provides the driver with easy access to current information, all in one place. 

“If you need some information there’s already a report that exists to go get that information. So there’s not a whole lot of custom reports that have to be requested,” Zwarich said. 

The software also helps ensure authorized use of the equipment or vehicles to avoid unnecessary or unauthorized use or travel. 

Chemco is thrilled about Titan GPS’s state-of-the-art fleet management and tracking system. The relationship between Chemco and Titan GPS’s team has been lively, with prompt and engaging responses from each party regarding all feedback and concerns. 

When asked if Chemco endorses Titan GPS for any company looking to advance their tracking and document management, Zwarich said, 

“I would definitely recommend Titan GPS, it has handled a large fleet very well.” 


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