U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Fleet Dash Cam

Protect Your Vehicle Fleet and
Reduce Insurance Costs

What if you could ride shotgun with each of your drivers all day, every day? Now you can with a Titan GPS Fleet Dash Cam System. Capture multi-angle footage including forward and driver-facing, as well as any other angle, and maximize your fleet tracking.

Trusted by top performers

The Best Dash Cam Choice for the Top Operations in North America Including:

If this sounds familiar, you need a Titan GPS Fleet Dash Cam Solution ->

Capture Unsafe Driving Events

Protect Your Vehicles and Your Drivers

Tell the complete story when a vehicle incident occurs to stop paying increased insurance or covering the incident out-of-pocket. Dash cam video evidence of events are uploaded to the cloud that includes 10 seconds before and after an unsafe event occurs, which can be retrieved at a click of a button. Disprove false claims, protect your company’s reputation, and save tons on your insurance premiums.

Monitor and Coach

Make Your Drivers Better

Drivers get in-cab alerts and fleet managers get notifications when aggressive driver behavior occurs in real-time. Track harsh acceleration and harsh braking, rolling stops, speeding, following too close, and hard turning. Making driver coaching more effective so your drivers develop safe driving habits.

Maximize Safety

Capture Risky Driving Behavior

Record unsafe driving behaviors with artificial intelligence and implement coaching. The dual facing dash camera captures events such as: seatbelt use, potential driver fatigue, cell phone use, distracted driving, lane departure, and smoking. 

360° Multi Camera Dash Cam System

Total Visibility for Your Commercial Vehicles

The MultiCam system continuously records second-by-second live video footage, storing it in an onboard SD card. Along with the front-facing and driver-facing dashboard camera you can include driver-side, passenger-side, and rear view cameras. 

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

Real Time Fleet Telematics

The Titan GPS dash cam for fleet vehicles is a true all-in-one system. We’ve combined dash cam video, vehicle diagnostics, GPS vehicle tracking, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), and ELD compliance. Allowing us to customize solutions for fleets of any size. Get your fleet dash cam and all the telematics information you need to make your business run smoothly.

Commissionaires Security Services

Customer moves to the next level on a cloud-based solution with 24/7 accessibility.

With a diverse list of clients in industries ranging from government to construction, Commissionaires requires a solution that can be configured to support a range of policies and standards with an exceptional degree of reliability. Titan GPS has worked directly with Commissionaires to ensure their GPS tracking and fleet dash cam systems are constantly improving to meet the evolving needs of their organization.

Security company vehicle, fleet tracking solution

Increase Fleet Safety

Optimize Your Driver's Performance and Get Access to Game Changing Visibility and Telematics

Protect your drivers and your commercial vehicles with an investment that makes sense

High Quality Dash Cam Night Vision Footage

The dual facing dash cam footage is recorded second by second in HD video with an optional 360 degree view, day or night, so you never miss a thing.

Automatically Record a Traffic Incident

From a mixture of artificial intelligence and GPS tracking any incident is detected and video is saved 10 seconds before and after, then uploaded to the cloud for easy retrieval.

Mitigate Insurance Fraud & False Claims

20% of vehicle insurance claims involve a commercial vehicle. False claims at the scene or intentional fraud happen frequently. Make sure you are covered with high quality dash cam footage to stay off insurance companies’ radars.   

Start Saving Thousands with a GPS Fleet Camera System

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS tracking system for vehicles combined with dash cam video gives you real time visibility. 

titan gps automated notifications

Automatic Alerts

Get automatic alerts when traffic incidents occur that are stored in the cloud to be accessed at any time on a desktop or with our mobile app.

Live Stream In-Cab Video

Check in with your drivers whenever you need to ensure good driver behavior.

Advanced Analytics

Our system combines video telematics, GPS tracking, and onboard diagnostics. Allowing fleet managers to get the complete picture. 

fleet compliance

Stay Compliant

We uniquely and seamlessly integrate fleet management and ELD compliance.

titan gps driver score cards

Driver Scorecards

A great option to incentivize your employees to have great driving habits. Keep track of performance metrics for your top drivers.

Three Benefits of Dash Cam Systems for Fleets

Download our PDF to learn how fleet dash cams can improve driver safety, culture, and your bottom line.

Check Out Which Commercial Dash Cam is Right for You

AP1 Road Facing AI Dash Cam

Just need to see the road but still want AI functionality? The road-facing only AP1 has got you covered! This dash cam is ideal for individuals or small fleets and comes with collision avoidance, lane departure detection, and road facing live streaming.

TT8900 Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam

A dashboard camera that is a staple for vehicle fleets of any size. Driver-facing and road-facing dash cams continuously record everything. AI functionality includes collision avoidance, lane departure detection, distracted driver monitoring, and in-cab coaching.

CP4S 4 Channel Fleet Camera Solution

CP4S 4 Channel Fleet Camera Solution

Need more video recording and visibility inside and outside your fleet vehicles? This vehicle digital video recorder (DVR) supports up to 4 cameras, has 256GB of storage, and an option for audio recording so you can get the complete picture of any incident. 

CRX 8 Channel Fleet Camera System

Need even more visibility? This mobile digital video recording system (MDVR) supports up to 8 cameras, has 2TB of storage, a large variety of camera options, as well as audio recording.

CRX 8 Channel Fleet Camera System

Trusted by top performers

Vehicle abuse has dropped significantly because drivers know that it is possible to track them. In the past we had people park damaged units at the Automotive Bay anonymously and we could not hold anyone accountable for the damage. Sometimes damages would be as high as $15,000 to one vehicle. I also like the ability to track idling time on the Light Vehicle Fleet which we can target for future costs savings.

James Q., HSE & Transportation Manager

Choose the Right Fleet Dash Cameras for You

Digital Pre-trip and Post-Trip Inspections

Ditch The Mountains of Paperwork

Compliance is an unfortunate fact of life. But with digital pre and post-trip inspections you can improve accuracy and streamline the compliance process. 

GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Vehicle Tracking With Actionable Insights

Our fleet management products leverage telematics data for hours of service (HOS) tracking and rapid dispatching.  We also have the most user-friendly electronic logging devices (ELDs) on the market.
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