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Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Pre Trip Inspection

Never Rely on an Out-of-Date Paper Inspection Form Again

Digitize your paperwork and immediately get data to the back office with Titan GPS FieldDocs Pre- and Post-trip Inspections. Get instant access to inspection reports, verify your drivers complete all necessary forms in real-time, and ensure damaged vehicles are fixed before they are driven. 

Digitize Your Inspections Now

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The #1 Pre-Trip Inspection Choice for Thousands Across North America Including:

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Eliminate Delays, Errors, and Neglect. Get Digital Inspections Now.

Make sure your vehicles stay in prime operating condition, keep up with maintenance records, and ensure pre and post-trip inspection compliance.

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Digitize Your Pre-Trip Inspections Now

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Customizable Checklist For Your Fleet

Not every inspection is the same. That’s why FieldDocs Vehicle Inspection features customizable inspection forms for different assets so you can differentiate whether it’s a truck, trailer, or heavy equipment. Drivers can easily complete their daily walkaround, DVIR, pre-trip, or circle check. Develop your daily walkarounds however your company requires. When your drivers do their daily circle checks, you get reports of all issues and so does anyone responsible for vehicle maintenance. 

Create inspection reports for all the inspection types you do. Easily create an unlimited amount of vehicle inspection templates to suit any and all assets in your fleet. 


Ties Into Your Titan GPS Hardware in Real-Time

Eliminate cumbersome paper inspection forms with pre-trip inspections from the Titan GPS FieldDocs app. The digital inspections integrate with your existing GPS service so you can always have eyes on your fleet.  

That means if your account is tied to Titan GPS hardware on your vehicle, all of your vehicle’s diagnostic information will automatically populate like odometer reading, engine hours, and more. Avoid costly errors and save a ton of time. 

Additionally, the app works offline without cellular coverage, so your drivers can conduct their inspections from anywhere

diagram showing engine hours and odometer readings from vehicle go into the FieldDocs app


Identify and Classify Defects

If a driver’s vehicle has a problem, drivers can specify whether it is a major or minor issue. Once the inspection is completed, that data can be viewed by the administrator via the Titan GPS FieldDocs software. The driver follows the administrator-defined checklist and each listed component gives the driver options to add notes, log as major or minor, and take a photograph.

illustration of a man taking photo of a damaged vehicle and showing it populate on a smart phone


Take Pictures With Your Phone

FieldDocs also lets you take pictures of vehicle defects. If a component is damaged, your driver can snap a quick picture of it in the FieldDocs app to document the severity and add any necessary notes. This takes out the guesswork and gives you visual proof of the affected components so they can be promptly fixed, if necessary. 


Get Instant Notifications on Driver Activity (Coming Soon)

Titan GPS Pre-Trip Inspections keep you up to date throughout the day. You can get notifications if your driver begins to drive without completing a pre-trip or if a defect is identified in the field. As soon as your driver submits their form you’ll know if they are using an unsafe vehicle. If another driver starts a pre-trip inspection any defect will be highlighted and won’t allow the driver to complete the vehicle inspection until the highlighted items are verified. You can customize these notifications for functionality that works best with your workflow.  

mechanic who just finished a repair and a form submission for parts


Instantly Update Maintenance Records

Your mechanic can also use FieldDocs to attach work orders and sign off on repaired vehicles in the field. They can upload documentation of repairs directly to the corresponding inspection so you always have these documents available in case of an audit. Administrators in the back office also get instant updates on completed repairs for review.

four illustrated panels about capturing damage, parts needed, repairs complete, and maintenance record updated
detailed vehicle inspection report with photo of damage


Auto-Generate Detailed PDF Reports

When operators and truck drivers send in reports, the data immediately registers in the Titan GPS back-office dashboard so you have quick, reliable reports on your fleet.

The reports come with time and location data, driver notes, and specific info on each vehicle inspection area, including pictures of the damage. Additionally, the Titan GPS dashboard lets you conveniently oversee each vehicle in your fleet with the Vehicle Inspection Form Manager. 

Free Digital Form - Bring your Own form and we'll make A digital one for you - Try it!


Equipment Inspections

You can use FieldDocs for equipment inspections too. Our customizable forms let you inspect and log different equipment parts in the app so you can get pre-use inspections done as quickly as possible. Whether you’re checking a backhoe for an H-link in good condition or examining a bent fork on a forklift, Titan GPS has you covered.

illustration of a man using checklist on app with excavator


Nortech Advanced NDT Goes Paperless with FieldDocs

We partnered with oil and gas servicer Nortech Advanced NDT in Edmonton to help them consolidate their paperwork in a more efficient way. Nortech was already familiar with Titan GPS’ vehicle tracking technology, and they seamlessly transitioned into using FieldDocs. CEO James Maxwell says FieldDocs has been very convenient for the company and his crew quickly picked up on the new software. After years of inefficient paperwork forms, Nortech employees have taken to the user-friendly FieldDocs app and aren’t looking back.


Peace River School Division Ensures Children Return Home Safe With FieldDocs

We partnered with Peace River School Division in Alberta to help them keep track of their bus fleet. Peace River uses 106 school buses to transport about 2,500 students across 72 routes and Titan GPS FieldDocs makes it easy for their drivers to do pre-trip inspections. The user-friendly app also lets users record digital fuel receipts, keep track of students, share documents, and access hours of service. Before switching to Titan GPS, Peace River logged all of this on paper and now they can send parents links to bus locations when they are running late.

InspectioNS Made Easy

Never Worry About an Audit Again With Titan GPS FieldDocs Digital Inspections

The days of frantically rifling through thousands of months-old, crumpled, ripped, chicken-scratched, and coffee-stained inspections for an audit you thought “will never happen to me” are over. Stay on top of it with TitanGPS FieldDocs. Save time and money to always be in compliance. Gain instant visibility, accuracy, and completeness of inspections while ensuring safety and compliance. Extend the life of your fleet and never rely on out-of-date paper inspection forms again with Titan GPS FieldDocs. Always have up-to-date inspection reports when you need them.

diagram showing FieldDocs app choice of inspection and vehicle as well as how odometer and engine hours auto-populate

Streamline Your Inspections Now


One Solution for All Your Compliance and Safety Needs. Inspections Made Easy.

FieldDocs is compatible with Canadian and United States commercial driving regulations so you stay compliant. With current inspection reports and archived vehicle defect data, it makes it much easier to adhere to regulations.

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FieldDocs works in accordance with Schedule 1 through 4 regulation standards in Canada. Manage compliance and become audit-proof with all of its capabilities:


FieldDocs provides complete vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) in detail, and lets commercial drivers log every point of inspection. How it helps with DVIR Compliance:

NO Need To Manually Enter Engine Hours and Odometer

Diagnostic information of your vehicle and all of the fleet tracking features of the Titan GPS system is attached to your digital documents when you pair it with your installed fleet GPS hardware. Other form builders fail to capture this information and don’t populate this data so users have to enter it all manually.

Informed Maintenance Schedule

While competitors populate data into a one-size-fits-all maintenance schedule, the Titan GPS schedule pairs with any customized inspection forms you conduct an inspection with and cater to your specific vehicle. Everything gets carried over for better information, complete with notes and photographs.

maintenance schedule (1)
delivery driver using tablet in van with parcels next to him


Once you finalize your digital inspection checklists, you never have to rely on your employees bringing the right ones with them. Set it up on the admin side and it’s good to go on their app in the field.

Sample Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Our checklists are customizable and you can choose from our templates or make your own. Your driver can select your vehicle’s component status as “Good”, “Major Repair Needed”, or “Minor Repair Needed” and add a photo. Each time an inspection is complete the system generates a .pdf report for you on your Titan GPS dashboard for review. 

Create, edit and save any number of checklist templates for your inspections.  

SidesResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Driver Sidegreen_thumbs_up    
Passenger Sidered thumbs downorange alert MinorDentdent on the passenger's side of a service vehiclePending


Front EndResultSeverity NotesImagesRepair Status
Right Turn Signalgreen_thumbs_up    
Left Turn Signalgreen_thumbs_up    
Skid Plategreen_thumbs_up    


RearResultSeverity NotesImagesRepair Status
Turn Signalsgreen_thumbs_up    
Brake Lightsgreen_thumbs_up    
Fuel Tankgreen_thumbs_up    
Exhaust Systemgreen_thumbs_up    


TrailerResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Fifth Wheelgreen_thumbs_up    
Landing Geargreen_thumbs_up    
Release Armgreen_thumbs_up    
Locking Jawsgreen_thumbs_up    
Locking pinsgreen_thumbs_up    
DOT Tapegreen_thumbs_up    



Under the HoodResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Water Pumpgreen_thumbs_up    
Engine Compartmentgreen_thumbs_up    
Steering Linkagegreen_thumbs_up    
Drive Shaftgreen_thumbs_up    
Fluid Levelsgreen_thumbs_up    
Oil Levelgreen_thumbs_up    
Push Rodgreen_thumbs_up    



Windshield and AccessoriesResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Wiper Fluidgreen_thumbs_up    
Windshield Wipersgreen_thumbs_up    



BrakesResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Parking Brakegreen_thumbs_up    
Air Brakegreen_thumbs_up    
Brake Chambergreen_thumbs_up    
Brake Systemgreen_thumbs_up    
Service Brakegreen_thumbs_up    
Brake Pedalgreen_thumbs_up    
Slack Adjustergreen_thumbs_up    
Air Linesgreen_thumbs_up    
Glad Handsgreen_thumbs_up    


InteriorResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Power Steeringgreen_thumbs_up    
Seat Beltgreen_thumbs_up    
Air Bagsgreen_thumbs_up    
Lighting Indicatorsgreen_thumbs_up    
Steering Wheelgreen_thumbs_up    
Temperature Gaugegreen_thumbs_up    
Oil Pressure Gaugegreen_thumbs_up    
4-Way Flashersgreen_thumbs_up    
Reflective Trianglesgreen_thumbs_up    
Rear View Mirrorgreen_thumbs_up    


LightsResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Turn Signalsgreen_thumbs_up    
Brake Lightsgreen_thumbs_up    
4-Way Flashersgreen_thumbs_up    


TiresResultSeverity Notes ImagesRepair Status
Lug Nutsgreen_thumbs_up    
Tread Depthgreen_thumbs_up    
Shock Absorbergreen_thumbs_up    
Spring Mountsgreen_thumbs_up    
Air Pressuregreen_thumbs_up    


OtherResultSeverityNotesImagesRepair Status
Air Compressorgreen_thumbs_up    
Fire Extinguishergreen_thumbs_up    
Emergency Equipmentgreen_thumbs_up    


try us - Bring your own form and we'll make A digital one for you - free

hands on a laptop that received an email

Email ALERTs for Minor & Major Defects So you Can Schedule Repair

Use the dashboard or your email inbox to get alerts when your inspections are complete. This way you always know what’s going on with your fleet and make sure vehicles don’t run with any compounding damage. 


By keeping formal records of vehicle deficiencies and issues, FieldDocs helps you make corrective action and get ahead of potential problems down the road. This way, you can report defects early so they get fixed before they spread and cause more damage.  

hand on the wheel of vehicle that has sticky note that says "service time"

Ensure Scheduled Maintenance is Always ON time

Never let your scheduled maintenance be overdue and cause non-compliance in your preventative maintenance schedule. Get your vehicle serviced on time, every time.

a driver signing off on a vehicle inspection on FieldDocs


Drivers must record their signature in the app to ensure everything was checked when they’ve finished inspections. It also holds them accountable so they don’t cut any corners when assessing potential hazards.

man with a tablet talking to a delivery driver and a woman


Ensure your drivers are staying compliant with your operating protocols and inform your personnel on day-to-day expectations. Get alerts when vehicles are due for maintenance and keep your staff accountable. 

ipad displaying equipment journey information

Ditch The Paperwork

Everything about your inspection, including the vehicle’s journey, is collected by Titan GPS so you know exactly where it was at any given time prior to or after the inspection. Toss out your paper inspection forms and outdated spreadsheets.   

a digital document surrounded by symbols for different sources

Supporting Documents

A Surplus of Forms to Verify Driver Logbooks

Make sure you have all the supporting documents you need in case of an audit. FieldDocs stores electronic logs, electronic inspection reports, inspection data, GPS location data, fuel receipts, and all supporting documents you need for regulatory compliance.

You will have your choice of supporting documents to provide both a first-supporting document and a backup. Whether you use time stamps on the digital inspection, time-stamped fuel receipts, shipping documents or breadcrumbs from the Titan GPS system itself, you will have many other options as a backup to verify your driver’s logbooks with location and activity. 

FieldDocs is the one-stop-shop for all of your compliance documents in one place. It’s the quick and easy way to ensure you have accurate and accessible reports. 

Success stories

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The preferred pre-trip inspection solution to manage any type of vehicle or equipment.

James Maxwell
James Maxwell
Nortech Advanced NDT - CEO
Read More
“FieldDocs saves everybody a whole lot of time and effort. We went from a completely paper-type of system to a paperless system. We’re looking like FedEx – it's a one-stop shop that ties into our GPS already. Titan’s got some good stuff. It’s helped us in terms of safety, efficiency, and paperwork. I would recommend it.”
Jeremy Davison
Jeremy Davison
Semerra - Pressure Testing Supervisor
Read More
“In case of a DOT inspection, it tracks your hours of service for you, it draws your straight lines, it puts in your current address or your location, taking a lot of the responsibility off the guys. It leaves so much less room for error with the app. I highly recommend Titan FieldDocs, especially their customer service, straight up.”
Merlin Lee
Merlin Lee
Peace River School Division - Transportation Manager
Read More
“A good fit right off the bat. Anything that was a paper form, we’ve now put as a FieldDoc. The pre-trips come in on a timely manner. Right now they can snap a picture and send it to us immediately. Titan seems to be progressive, they seem to be willing to go the extra mile for the customer. We always say, ‘Talk to Titan and see what they have to offer.’”

Video Testimonial Here


FieldDocs Pre-Trip Inspections are the crumple-free, rip-proof alternative for complete and compliant inspection reports with 0 coffee stains. Inspections will never be the same again.

You can feel relaxed with instant access to inspection reports, proof that inspections are actually finished, and up-to-the-minute notification of vehicle defects. With fewer loose ends, you can focus on more important tasks. With FieldDocs, you’ll never have to deal with damaged, dated, or incomplete reports again.

man on ipad typing in front of a truck

Get Real-Time Inspection Reports Now

Yes. Even provincially-regulated CMVs require a documented daily trip inspection in their registered jurisdictions. All Canadian jurisdictions have adopted the standard 13, schedule 1, 2, 3, and 4. Even drivers not required to maintain a log book are required to document a pre-trip inspection.

A minimum set of inspection items to enhance the safety of truck and bus carriers. All daily trip inspections must have these items, unless the item is not present in that vehicle.

For example, A Ford F350 registered for a combination weight of 12,000kg will not require air brakes to be completed on the Schedule 2 inspection

Yes. A driver must always have a copy of the applicable schedule in their vehicle as reference (Schedule 4 need not be carried). This can be in a written or electronic format

This must be kept with the vehicle during the 24 hour validation period.

Yes. As of now it is still required to have a copy of the Standard that is relevant to the CMV you are operating. This can be in paper or electronic format

Yes. Every motor carrier is required to have its drivers prepare a report in writing at the completion of each day’s work. If a defect or deficiency is not found then a report is not necessary.

Yes. If a driver operates more than one vehicle during the day, they must complete a report for each vehicle they use.

Drivers need to make sure the vehicle is in safe operation, review the last inspection (if applicable), acknowledge and sign off that repairs have been done.

Yes. Drivers or motor carriers transporting intermodal equipment must report any known damage, defects, or deficiencies to the provider or its designated agent.

Previous inspections have to be retained for three months. In compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

try us - bring your own form and we'll make A digital one for you - free


Extensive Toolbox of Features

FieldDocs is more than just a tool to keep track of your vehicle’s inspection status. The app supports your drivers’ entire journey within one service. That includes ELD (electronic logging device) connectivity, fuel receipts, digital forms delivery, dispatch management, and more. 

Our custom digital forms work in harmony with your operational workflow. 

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