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Never Lose Another Asset Again

Recover your misplaced assets, allocate your supply better, and fully utilize your resources. Ensure your trailers, containers, and non-powered field assets are never misplaced.

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Know Where It Is, Where It's Been, and Everything in Between

Keep track of your most valuable assets, receive alerts when equipment is moved, and rest easy knowing you fully utilize your resources 

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Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Assets

GPS tracker with battery and weather resistant features


The Best Trackers for You

We offer several different GPS asset tracking devices, each with its own unique strengths depending on your use case. Battery-powered and solar-powered options are available. Each of the trackers is easy to install and features self-charging, motion detection, and location tracking technology.


Self-Sufficient, High-Coverage Devices

You can rely on our trackers to connect to cell or satellite networks and deliver your assets’ real-time location data. Our trackers feature superior coverage for both powered and non-powered asset tracking in remote locations.

Titan GPS’ self-powered devices have some base similarities and more extensive features based on your needs. All which report to your interface for easy asset management.

a laptop with Titan GPS interface next to shipping container
Satellite tracker on top of a container


Exterior-Mounted Rugged Trackers

The trackers are typically mounted on the exterior of an asset and are ruggedly built to be weather resistant with an IP67 rating or higher. The GPS Asset Trackers are self-powered by solar or battery charge. These battery-powered devices can last from one to ten years on a full charge, depending on their configuration.   


Cellular and Satellite Connectivity

Different assets call for different GPS tracking devices depending on the job. We can help you identify the device that serves you best and configure it to your unique needs, like GPS trailer tracking.

Our cellular devices have the convenience of using national cellular networks while our satellite devices are perfect for equipment tracking in remote areas. Whether you need a GPS trailer tracking system deep in the forest or in the urban sprawl, we can handle whatever you’re up against in an efficient way.

satellite gps tracker



Impeccably designed for operating in remote areas, this solar-powered tracker automatically recharges its long-lasting internal battery. 

Even better, the TT1SPSAT Solar uses satellite communication technology that covers all of North America so you’re never out of range. Its IP69-rated case is rugged enough to hold up in any conditions as it typically reports three times per day.  



This battery-powered compact tracker can be mounted anywhere with a covert design that allows it to blend in with its surroundings.

This tiny unit packs a punch – the sensor inputs make for limitless options on top of the out-of-the-box features such as satellite coverage and the ability to operate in all weather conditions ranging from -40°F to 158°F (-40° to +70° C). It comes standard with a long battery life but you can wire it to equipment as well.

battery operated satellite gps tracker
solar powered gps tracker



The TT1SPSOLARV2 is ideal for long-term deployments, and its battery can handle frequent location data reporting on 4G LTE Cat-M1 cellular networks. This solar-powered tracker comes with a rugged case that allows the device to work in temperature extremes from -40° to +158° degrees F (-40° to +70° C). It can be wired into mobile equipment as well. 



We offer various cellular-network IoT trackers. These affordable, low-maintenance IoT trackers work great as a GPS trailer tracking device and send frequent reports. These rugged integration-ready units can withstand intense weather conditions and feature geofence alerts and temperature monitoring capabilities.   

The most popular IoT trackers for non-powered assets are the TTIOTSOLAR and the TTIOTAABATTERY, but the TTIOTWired tracker gives you the option to plug into mobile equipment when it’s not running off its internal power source.  

small solar gps tracker
small self-powered gps tracker


High-Interval Reporting

Titan GPS asset trackers are typically configured to report based on intervals and/or motion. Our team will help you determine the right transmission interval plan for you when you get it set up.  

The Titan GPS tracking platform monitors unauthorized movement, last known location data, arrivals, departures, after-hours movement, as well as sending low battery alerts. Our dynamic geofencing can also trigger alerts to help you manage the location of your assets.  


Track From Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

As the units report their location based on the configuration, the user-friendly fleet app will provide valuable insights into resource allocation, location, and possible misplacement. 

The mobile app also includes a graphical dashboard with real-time location updates so you can see where your assets are. 

All of our self-powered devices are integrated into our single end-to-end Titan GPS application, which can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.  

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Detect Suspicious Events

Imagine an asset moved when it wasn’t supposed to. Titan GPS trackers detect suspicious events like this and send them to your tracking software so you can be alerted when there’s unauthorized use at a certain place or time. 

Real-time notifications alert you to after-hours use and tampering, so you can take immediate action to prevent theft.  


Onboarding, Installation, and Training

As soon as an order is placed your hardware is on the way and immediate phone support is available for help with installation. 

Our onboarding support is dedicated to getting your dashboard set up and functional and getting you acclimated. Tech support and ongoing training is available for any questions or concerns that arise.

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field of coal ore


Customer Tracks Oil Equipment with Solar GPS Asset Technology

We partnered with a million-dollar oil and gas support company to help them keep track of their non-powered equipment. Before using TTIOTSOLAR trackers, they spent hours per day searching for lost equipment on job sites and needed a better way to track their non-powered assets. They have since installed 667 IoT trackers on high-value assets all over Texas. The trackers give them twice-a-day location updates and now they don’t misplace their assets anymore. The solar rechargeable IoT trackers were an ideal solution for high volume at low cost.  


Customer Tracks Movement of Dozens of Heavy Equipment Assets Per Day

We partnered with multi-million-dollar excavation and paving company Deford Contracting Inc during a time when strong market growth was straining their processes to assist with their Heavy Equipment Tracking. Of their 250-piece fleet, they rotate dozens of pieces of equipment on a daily basis in and out of different construction sites. To alleviate the strain of their processes, they implemented our tracking system and were able to greatly improve the overall utilization of their heavy equipment.


Secure Your Most Valuable Moveable Assets

Make sure you know where your most important assets are all day, every day. Verify locations in real-time from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

diagram with gps units signaling to satellite and tower and user interface

Optimize Your Asset Utilization With GPS Asset Tracking

man giving thumbs up in a skid steer after installing gps


Once you install the trackers, you never have to worry if your employees have turned anything on. Set them up on the exterior of your asset and you’re good to monitor trailers, containers, railcars, and more.


The trackers come standard with a battery that lasts up to 10 years whether it is connected to satellite or cell coverage.

10-Year-Battery-Life (1)
solar gps tracker with signal going out


Assets automatically plot on the dashboard with real-time positioning or last-known-location. All temperature data, sensor inputs, motion, and battery condition are plotted to the Titan GPS dashboard instantly.


See where all your assets are in real-time. Many trackers utilize Simplex 1-Way TrueSat™ communication technology that provides updates on your asset no matter where it is in the world!

Extreme Cold and Weatherproof

Our equipment survives extreme temperatures. We test all our hardware in a freezer that goes to -58 Fahrenheit (-50 Celsius) and have an “almost no-fail” rate on all types of GPS trackers to ensure our customers always get the highest quality product.

map view of generator left behind with asset information


Long after leaving an asset behind, you can see its last-known location so you know where to look when you come back.

bluetooth text alert


When assets leave a ‘landmark’ site at the end of the day, you can receive messages through SMS so you are always informed even if you are away from your computer.

caution sign for harmful fumes


Identify issues quickly with multiple inputs to capture sensor data such as temperature, hazardous vapors, fluid levels, accelerometer readings, and tank pressure. Ensure your asset tracking system handles whatever is thrown at it.

ipad displaying equipment journey information

Digital Paper Trail

Everything about your asset’s journey is collected by Titan GPS so you know exactly where it was at any given time. Toss out your equipment transfer forms and shared spreadsheets.

various trailers at a loading dock

Trailer Tracking Solutions

Our GPS tracking units are perfect for your trailer fleet. The trackers will help you mitigate trailer theft and lower maintenance costs since you’ll always have eyes on them.


GPS Container Tracking

Titan GPS offers GPS container tracking solutions as well. With the current supply chain issues affecting shippers, it is essential to have container GPS trackers with the real-time GPS location of your assets. Whether you need shipping container tracking for transporting reefer units or container tracking devices for the work site, we’ve got the GPS container tracking system you need.

Automatic Geofence Alerts

Use the Tracking Dashboard to get alerts when your physical assets enter or leave a geofence or “landmark” such as a job site.

a truck entering a geofence with a container that sends a signal

Titan GPS Satellite Coverage Map

Titan GPS has coverage in the most remote areas in North America and the rest of the world – better coverage than any other provider.

Success stories

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The best GPS tracking solutions for asset management of any type of equipment. For construction companies and more.

Matt Cahill
Matt Cahill
Corrosion Service - National Health & Safety Manager
Read More
“ I would recommend this device to anybody. It is very easy to learn, it’s very interactive, at the same time, it’s very user-friendly. It allows health and safety professionals like myself to track trends. It allows me to be proactive as opposed to being reactive—potentially stopping an event before it happens.”
Lee Zwarich
Lee Zwarich
Chemco - Senior Vice President of Operations and Service
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“The volume of information is amazing and gives you the ability to drill down and get equipment pick-out or get down to the fine details on equipment. By proper utlization of our fleet, we’re able to keep our pricing competitive for our clients. I would definitely recommend Titan GPS, it has handled a large fleet very well”
Loretta Prevost
Loretta Prevost
Ponass Lake - Administrator for the RM
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“I've been tracking cost of maintenance and repairs and that helps us plan for the future. Titan was willing to work with some of our other software providers and have everything done in one step. It's beneficial to council, the employees and it's really beneficial to me. It's a very user-friendly system, and I like that”

Video Testimonial Here


Titan GPS Tracking Provides Deep Insights And Alerts When You Need Them

Maximize utilization. Keep valuable assets deployed where they need to be. Know they’re safe and secure. Titan GPS gives you peace of mind.

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Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Assets Now

Powered Asset Management SolutionS

Wired-in Tracking Solutions Available

GPS fleet tracking for powered equipment and vehicles with a power source.

Equipment GPS Tracking

Protect and Manage Your Construction Equipment

If you need to keep track of mobile construction equipment like forklifts, backhoes and bulldozers, we have you covered. Titan GPS offers a variety of tracking devices for heavy equipment real-time tracking, Bluetooth included. 

GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Vehicle Tracking With Actionable Insights

Our fleet management products leverage telematics data for hours of service (HOS) tracking and rapid dispatching.  We also have the most user-friendly electronic logging devices (ELDs) on the market.
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