U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

DeFord Contracting Case Study


DeFord Contracting Inc is a privately owned Alberta based company that has shaped the greater Edmonton landscape since 1967. Regarded as an industry leader, DeFord functions as a diversified construction firm, providing clients with a wide array of services from excavation to asphalt paving, specializing in road building and surface improvements.


As a progressive company, DeFord continually looks for new ways to increase productivity and improve efficiency. The growth of the market they serve was problematic only to the extent that long counted on processes were strained.

The logistics of over 250 fleet units and up to 40 heavy equipment moves per day requires a high degree of time and location accuracy along with precise communication to avoid costly delays. The diverse nature of their business also requires a high standard of accountability with respect to fleet assets. Policies were in place to discourage unsafe driving and personal travel though few ways to enforce them. There were other key areas within the business that they knew could be streamlined further with additional fleet intelligence.


The community-minded ownership at DeFord was thrilled to discover a partner in Certified Tracking Solutions in their area. Following a demonstration of the Titan GPS tracking system, the Certified Tracking Solutions team was selected and quickly worked to implement GPS for equipment and vehicles across a multi-faceted fleet.


The results have been very positive. With precise location data, equipment moves are executed seamlessly. Role specific access to the Titan GPS system allows for key personnel to retrieve much-needed information quickly.

Activity is closely monitored with GPS for equipment and efficiency’s are continually being discovered throughout the fleet. Engine hours and mileage are monitored and the service and maintenance scheduling module used to ensure timely service. In the past, there were occasions where the company would receive calls from the public to share a complaint regarding a driving incident. 

They now field those calls with a new level of insight and confidence to validate the
claim with both the complainant and driver. Photo-radar and other traffic infractions have decreased substantially helping to improve their carrier profile and potentially avoid undue insurance increases. DeFord is currently in the process of integrating Titan GPS data directly into new and legacy systems to further streamline processes and find efficiencies.

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