Operational Management: How Border City Concrete Used Titan GPS to Save Money, Build Trust, and Impress Clients

Operational Management - Border City Case Study

Border City Concrete has a multifaceted business model. They are a concrete company that also provides sand and gravel, trucking, and oil field services. They have a fleet size of 150 and have been in business for over 25 years. To stay on top of operational fleet management, they implemented Titan GPS devices. The results proved to be more than they hoped. Here’s how Titan GPS devices helped Border City track maintenance, save money, build trust, and impress clients.


Border City’s original pain point was the operational management of their fleet.


Border City partnered with Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, because we are a strategic partner, not a reactionary one. Our solutions are leading fleets into the future with next-gen technology that scales with our customers.

“We appreciate how user-friendly reporting is for compliance.”

The company stayed with us because our devices are intuitive, work the way they’re supposed to, and the solution provides user-friendly reports. And for those times technology doesn’t work perfectly, our customer service is fast and effective.


Border City improved:

  • Cost savings
  • Dispatch efficiency
  • Real-time visibility
  • Monitoring and deterring theft

Using Titan GPS’s tracking features, Border City saved 30 minutes per truck per day—across 150 vehicles over the course of a year that’s 18,000 hours saved. Translation: transport visibility created operational efficiency. Those 18,000 hours then translated to dollars saved and reinvestment in the fleet and Border City’s employees. Ultimately, our devices created short-term ROI with long-term benefits to the health of their business.

“You don’t have to call to see where a truck is; you can just look at the dashboard. And trucks don’t have to come back to the yard because we just tell them where to go for their next job. The whole process is more efficient.”

Additionally, Border City discovered the devices created a culture of trust. Drivers are doing the right thing, and Titan GPS shows that integrity. If there’s a discrepancy, drivers can confirm they were where they needed to be when they needed to be there. For example, if a customer questioned how many loads they handled, Border City could quickly and easily show the data to resolve any issues.

Finally, Border City’s efficiency impressed their clients because trucks are perfectly on time. On one specific job, the client wondered how their trucks knew to show up as other trucks were leaving. With Titan GPS, Border City monitors their fleet in real-time and can see instantly where to send certain trucks at which times to ensure maximum productivity through operational efficiency. It’s a win-win.

Titan GPS supported and improved Border City Concrete’s operations and culture by realizing a vision to help people and companies make the world a better place, one data point at a time.

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