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Gain key insights, maximize profitability, and save time with our all-in-one platform of easy-to-use software, battle-tested hardware and world-class support. Get one app for your whole team with Titan GPS.

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If this sounds familiar,
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Measure and manage

Have Eyes on Everything with our State-of-the-Art Telematics System

Adopt a fleet management system designed with fleets in mind to automate your workflows and integrate with your fleet end-to-end for a smooth operating experience.

Manage Your Entire Fleet on One Platform Now


If this sounds familiar, you need vehicle fleet tracking ->

Eliminate excessive idling and aggressive behaviors that waste gas while providing more accurate ETAs with real-time GPS tracking. Cut out unauthorized use with customizable alerts for after-hours use and tampering and access vehicle diagnostics to get a complete picture on fleet maintenance to increase the lifecycle of your fleet.

Measure and Manage Your Vehicle Fleet Now


If this sounds familiar, you need fleet dash cams ->

Improve driver safety and coach driver behavior in real-time with driver-facing, forward-facing, passenger-side, and driver-side camera angles. Eliminate insurance costs from vehicle accidents and insurance fraud with records to prove your drivers are not at fault. With the Titan GPS Fleet Dash Cam System, you ride shotgun with each of your drivers all day, every day. 

Protect Your Fleet and Improve Driver Performance Now

Equipment GPS Tracking

If this sounds familiar, you need equipment tracking ->

Track unauthorized usage, automate routine maintenance, and maximize utilization. The Titan GPS Equipment tracking system alerts you to theft, servicing needs, and optimal job costing. You’ll know when equipment was used without consent, is underutilized, or when preventative maintenance is needed with the clear insights from the Titan GPS dashboard.

Optimize Utilization and Protect Your Equipment Now

Disable Vehicles & Equipment with Ignition Access Control

Remotely disable your starter after hours or on weekends. 

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You’re not left on your own after signing up with us. Our personalized support includes a dedicated account manager that will give you Quarterly Business Reviews to make sure you get the most out of your setup. We provide unmatched service for fleets of any size or mix which is why customers tend to stay with us for 8 years on average

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“Quick and detailed assistance. Open line of communication making matters painless.”   -Thomas Van Der Eerden 
“Selina was really helpful & informative. Selina had answers to all my questions. She was eager to help with all my GPS needs. I really like her enthusiasm!” – Clyde Fudge
“Answered the phone immediately, had useful suggestions. Followed, and solution worked, awesome support.”
-Henry Adams

Asset Tracking

Never Lose Another Asset Again

If this sounds familiar, you need asset tracking -> ​

Recover your misplaced assets, allocate your supply, and fully utilize your resources. Ensure your trailers, containers, tools, and non-powered field assets are never misplaced – no matter how remote they are. Track high-value assets with no power source required to see live visibility, last-known location, or geofence notifications with self-powered tracking devices that have up to a 10-year battery life. 

For assets that do not have their own power source such as trailers, railcars, or containers, we have you covered. We offer a variety of self-powered asset tracking devices including battery-powered or solar-powered units.

If you have to track smaller, high-value moveable assets, we offer TitanGPS Bluetooth Beacons which are low-energy Bluetooth asset tracking tags that can be placed on anything from a generator to an excavator bucket.  


If this sounds familiar, you need FieldDocs ->

FieldDocs is a fleet operations app that supports your fleet contractor’s entire journey within one service. It includes modules for ELD, fuel receipts, digital forms, dispatch management, and more. It has all kinds of custom digital forms that work in harmony with your operational workflow.  

All digital – all paperless – all real-time and totally compliant.

Ditch Paper and Digitize Your Fleet Ops Today

Pre-Trip Inspection

If this sounds familiar, you need digital pre-trip inspections ->

Digitize your paperwork and immediately get data to the back office with Titan GPS FieldDocs Pre- and Post-trip Inspections. Get instant access to vehicle inspection reports, verify your drivers complete all necessary forms in real-time, and attend to vehicle maintenance.

NSC Standard 13 and CFR §396.11 compliant.

Digitize Your Inspections Now


If this sounds familiar, you need dispatch software ->

Streamline your dispatch for productivity and speed. Eliminate time-wasting calls to your team on the road and plan your dispatch workflow with clear records of what items were completed and vehicle location. Do route planning on the fly and gather timely updates on your job status.

Digitize Your Dispatch Now

Full Fleet Command

Wield an Intuitive Interface

Our graphical user interface with map overlay shows your fleet’s location and movement with drill down on fleet and driver. Manage your assets with little-to-no learning curve and gain critical operational metrics such as utilization rate to reduce idle time.

Hassle-Free Experience

Easy Onboarding, Installation, and Training

Our onboarding team is dedicated to getting your dashboard set up, units installed, and acclimating you to the functionality. Tech support and ongoing training is always available for any questions or concerns that arise. 

Track Your Assets and Optimize Your Fleet Performance Now

What to Expect

Get Ahead with Titan GPS

Maximize efficiency and profitability when you move forward with Titan GPS. Reduce fuel consumption, idling, driver aggression, mileage, insurance costs – and take it to the bank.


Fuel Savings






Driving Event Reduction






Track Vehicles and Equipment with Fleet Management Software

Feed telematics data from John Deere, Komatsu, and Caterpillar equipment or OnStar-GM vehicles directly to your Titan GPS dashboard without having to install any hardware.

Experience an All-in-One Fleet Operations Platform Now

Success stories

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The preferred GPS fleet tracking software solution for a wide variety of fleets. Titan GPS has fleet management tools and workflow automation for anyone.

Matt Cahill
Matt Cahill
Corrosion Service - National Health & Safety Manager
Read More
“I would recommend this device to anybody. It is very easy to learn, it’s very interactive, and it’s very user-friendly. It allows me to be proactive as opposed to being reactive."
James Maxwell
James Maxwell
Nortech Advanced NDT - CEO
Read More
"It saves everybody a whole lot of time and effort. We went from a completely paper-type of system to a paperless system. We’re looking like FedEx – it's a one-stop shop that ties into our GPS already."
Jeremy Davison
Jeremy Davison
Semerra - Pressure Testing Supervisor
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“It tracks your hours of service for you, it draws your straight lines, it puts in your current address or your location, taking a lot of the responsibility off the guys. It leaves so much less room for error."


Where it is, Where it’s Been, and Everything in Between

Elevate your operational efficiency, compliance, and safety with insightful data on your assets anywhere in the world. Titan GPS is a fleet management platform that offers you a holistic view for optimal decision-making.

Get the Best Fleet Management Software Available Now

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Seeing the ROI you expect? Our customers are.


“With more accountability, reductions in dangerous driving, and unauthorized travel we estimate we’re saving more than $20,000 a month. We can be finer in our job estimates and win more contracts. That’s win-win for everyone!”

– Mike Bruens,
General Manager


“Everything just kind of settled after implementing Titan GPS. When we first launched we received a lot of over-speed alerts! Today, it’s a rare occurrence. It kind of surprises us when we get one.” 

– Curtis Evans, Fleet Coordinator


We were able to monitor our vehicles, in real-time, and allocate resources in an effective and efficient manner that ensured our VIP client group received services of the highest levels. I recommend your services to any potential user.

– John Wood

Senior Manager Fleet Systems Vancouver Organizing Committee

Fleet management harnesses the power of intuitive fleet tracking SaaS applications with GPS telematics, cameras, digital forms, inspection reports, maintenance management, dispatch, route optimization, parts inventory, work orders, inventory management, fuel management, and more. 

The data improves overall operating efficiencies, reduces operating costs, increases fleet safety, and maximizes utilization of mobile assets to increase productivity and profitability. API access is available to work with existing systems.

Telematics data is utilized to make informed decisions that optimize efficiency and productivity. Schedule preventive maintenance, and reduce labor costs, maintenance costs, fuel costs, accident risks, and litigation to save thousands.

Having a system to make informed decisions greatly reduces the total cost of doing business.

No two fleets are alike and there’s no such thing as a universal solution for fleet management tools. An enterprise has very different needs than a small business. That’s why Titan GPS uses a consultative approach rather than a set total cost.

Our experts work with you to find the perfect fit for your fleet, ensuring you get all the features and functionality your fleet needs without paying for anything you don’t. You’ll find lowering things like fuel usage greatly offset the cost of fleet management software.

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