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Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Nortech Advanced NDT Goes Paperless with FieldDocs

Nortech has been around since the ’80s, in different variations and stages, providing innovative approaches to “Non-Destructive Testing Services” and building effective long-term relationships with their customers across Western Canada. The generational company inspects the building blocks of the oil and gas industry such as valves, pipes, nuts, and bolts. Using technology like X-Ray Ultrasonics they ensure that there are no cracks or bumps in the equipment.

Nortech also contributes to bridge-building work by assessing bridge components so the foundation and upliftment of the bridges remain stable and secure. To administer the wide range of services Nortech offers to primarily oil and gas companies, Nortech relies on Titan GPS to assist in the delivery and pickup of a plethora of building tools between them and their customers.

The One-Stop-Shop

Whether it be a weld from signage on a highway, a foundation underneath a bridge, or the valve of a pipe, Nortech oversees the maintenance of a wide variety of parts. It requires a reliable tracking solution to provide first-class services in a timely manner they promise their customers.

“Every nut and bolt that’s out there has probably been looked at by us,” assured James Maxwell, CEO of Nortech Advanced NDT.

Nortech heavily utilizes Titan GPS’s tracking services to supervise where trucks are, where they’re supposed to be, and the destinations they travel to. It also monitors vehicle activity such as speeding or breaking to ensure the safety of the drivers and their vehicles. Such vital vehicle information helps the company and the customer have enough data to track their items.



Never Rely on An Out-of-Date Paper Inspection Form Again

Digitize your paperwork and immediately get data to the back office with Titan GPS FieldDocs Pre- and Post-trip Inspections. Get instant access to inspection reports, verify your drivers complete all necessary forms in real-time, and ensure damaged vehicles are fixed before they are driven. NSC Standard 13 and CFR §396.11 compliant.

Nortech also uses FieldDocs to create custom-made forms and digitize their delivery receipts to be better able to keep track of the trajectory of items. Before Titan GPS, Nortech managed its delivery receipts on paper and could not obtain and organize the tons of paperwork efficiently. There was no system of checks and balances where drivers were held accountable for the timely delivery of paperwork, and transporting papers from one location to another was not only a hassle for the company but also for the drivers. Handling inventory on paper was also a tedious task Nortech wanted to address with a fitting solution.

“It was pretty good and it was very intuitive- it set up pretty easily, even the delivery receipts page, and that was basically what we were looking for,” James Maxwell commented.

Big Improvements

After working with Titan GPS, Nortech has seen a big improvement in the management of delivery and pickup paperwork, while also making the jobs of the drivers a whole lot easier. Even for the internal people whose forté may not be digital technology, the application was easy to navigate.

Instead of tracking down when something was delivered, what was delivered, what time of day it was delivered, and who signed off on it, all that information is now already available on a tablet for both the company and the drivers to easily access. The Titan GPS system helps them avoid frantic calls back and forth and eliminates the blame game for misplaced products.

“Having just that one time where a guy calls and says, ‘Hey where’s my valve? And we are able to say, ‘Hey- we dropped that off on the 17th, and here’s your guy’s signature’ saves everybody a whole lot of time and effort,” explained James Maxwell.

The price of Titan GPS’s services also fit well for Nortech, given that they had acquired the “one-stop-shop” aspect of delivery management that they wished for from the beginning. There is no need to jump from one app to another and collect information, it is all in one place. The Titan interface that integrates GPS tracking, digital documentation, and geofencing all together into one solution to all their problems means getting their money’s worth.

“In comparison to other providers, it was a pretty easy conclusion to go with, because of how everything adds on to the GPS system,” cheered Maxwell.

Because of how frequently products are delivered or picked up, being able to keep a record of how many deliveries they have completed and use geofencing to mark areas their trucks have traveled through also helps manage gas prices and driver availability more efficiently, as they are able to visually see what places they have been to and assign drivers for places that have not been traveled through. Now they don’t worry about making multiple runs in the same area, wasting time and money.

Supreme Support

The support Nortech received from Titan GPS also exceeded their expectations, as the willingness to go the extra mile and assist their customer in whatever they need helping them transform from a “completely paper-type system to a paperless system with signed receipts.”

Maxwell’s favorite part about Titan GPS’s services is how the application allows its users to go back in time and look at past reports to get a holistic idea of the company’s operations and gain overall insights.

The Right Fit

Maxwell recommends Titan GPS and the services it has to offer and claims he always directs those searching for an adaptable, intuitive, and revolutionized tracking system to them, assuring that they will receive great support.

James Maxwell commented that he values the assistance Titan GPS offers in terms of safety, efficiency, and people.

“I’m a believer now– I’ve actually said to any of my buddies that they should check Titan out because they’ve got some good stuff to offer,” James Maxwell concluded.


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