U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

GPS Snowplow Tracking Systems

GPS Snowplow Tracking by Titan GPS has been the leading GPS tracking service for private and public snowplow fleets for over a decade, primarily in Canada, in the harshest subarctic conditions on the planet.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers Across North America

Vehicle Health

Trusted by some of the largest winter snow fleet operators on the planet to track and efficiently manage their winter maintenance fleets.​

Checkout the Titan GPS snowplow material usage reporting capabilities!

Benefits of GPS Snowplow Tracking for Public and Private Fleet Operations

Live GPS Tracking

Track your fleet in real-time with live updates and plowing status.

Snow Event History

Visually replay movement and status. Routes taken, status & events.

Materials Usage Reporting

How much material and where. (Sand, salt, pre-wet, anti-ice)

Service & Maintenance Scheduling

Keep your fleet healthy and shave costs.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Turn data into actionable insight with multiple out-of-box reports and receive any report with auto-email function.

Location Audit

Reveal fleet activity by area and time.

Geo-Fence (Landmarks)

Location intelligence with custom virtual perimeter.

Public Link

Allow the public to track plowing progress. Engage public, improve route clearing.

Driver Management

Define and group the drivers in your fleet. Manage contact details, certifications and optionally, Driver ID.

GIS Integration

GIS data with fleet tracking. (Partner and API integrations)

Mobile RWIS Data Integration

Titan GPS is compatible with two common Mobile RWIS systems, the Lufft MARWIS* and Vaisala MD30*.

By integrating these systems into Titan GPS, road maintenance fleets can access and analyze data that informs deployment and utilization decisions, ensuring fleet operators are providing the best service possible during the winter months:

Manage Mobile Asset Fleets

With or without a power source; trailers, containers, mobile and remote assets of any kind are valuable fleet investments. Easily identify the location and status of your fleet assets. See immediately if they’re on the move, operating status, engine hours, battery condition and so much more. Recover lost or stolen assets quickly and redeploy efficiently to ensure your customers are well served.

Titan GPS puts you in the driver’s seat.

Customers Who Have Improved Their Fleet Operation With Snowplow Tracking

Mike Bandura
Mike Bandura
DeFord Contracting
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Titan GPS is Taking Us to the Next Level

'We can now quickly locate vehicles and equipment, and it's keeping drivers accountable.’
John McPherson
John McPherson
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More Jobs Through

‘Titan GPS has really helped. We’re putting more jobs through, and our customers couldn’t be happier.’
Ken Franczek
Ken Franczek
Crystal Glass
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Drivers Slowed Down

‘We slowed drivers down and improved safety. Save enough in insurance to pay for the entire system.’
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