U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Labrador City Case Study


Labrador City is the Iron Ore Capital of Canada. A vibrant community with a deep mining heritage, Labrador City is the preferred location for companies providing quality service to developments throughout the Canadian Northeast. They offer exceptional recreational programming, facilities, and opportunities for all.


Public works is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from streets to provide for the safe passage of vehicles and to keep emergency service centers, schools and working establishments accessible. Labrador City contracts their snow plowing operation out to a local contractor who is responsible for having equipment available and ready to do clean up when snow accumulation reaches a depth of 2 cm. The Labrador City climate features typically heavy snowfall for seven months each year. The public works department wanted to know with accuracy where the contractors equipment was working and to identify which streets that had been cleared and when.


Titan GPS was recommended by a third party as a system that would meet Labrador City’s needs. Public works officials contacted Certified Tracking Solutions and received a demonstration of the system. Titan GPS was selected as the successful vendor and GPS hardware installed on the equipment owned by the company contracted to do the snow clearing.


Titan GPS has met the expectations of Labrador City. The system is used extensively to monitor snow clearing activity of the contractor’s tracked snow fleet equipment. Public works staff not only monitor’s snow clearing activity in real-time but reviews snow clearing history over key time periods. Labrador City is currently considering the expansion of Titan GPS to city owned equipment.

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