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Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Manage Your Snowplow Fleet with Vehicle GPS Tracking

As true winter approaches, snow plow fleets all over the continent are gearing up for big storms. Fleet managers like you are working around the clock to make sure vehicles are maintained, drivers are prepared, and routes are planned to keep the roads clear and keep life moving through the colder months.

While snowplow fleet managers have perfected the art of keeping roads clear, innovative vehicle GPS tracking technology can make that art a science. With vehicle GPS fleet tracking, your team can stay safe, save money, and still get the job done. Read on to learn more about how snow plow tracking might be right for your company:

What Is Fleet Tracking?

Vehicle GPS tracking allows managers to receive live updates of where their drivers are at all times. However, vehicle tracking does more than monitor location. Computerized systems allow winter maintenance fleet managers to keep track of a variety of data, figures, and schedules to better lead their driving team. Titan GPS’ industry leading snowplow solutions are compatible with the industry’s leading Spreader Controllers, the critical data needed to drive efficiencies and keep roadways safe is captured and transmitted seamlessly with advanced Titan AVLS technology. Winter maintenance fleets are a huge investment. Maximize fleet efficiency with tried and true integration with back office and public systems that make Titan GPS the first choice for winter maintenance fleets.

How Does Tracking Benefit Snowplow Fleets?

Safety: Even the most seasoned drivers know that winter roads can be dangerous. With fleet tracking, managers are better able to monitor where drivers are at all times, which allows quicker responses should an accident occur. Alert systems can even notify managers when a driver is speeding. Holding drivers to safety standards can protect both your people and your equipment. Monitor how your equipment is used to improve safety. Beacon lights, PTO, or other inputs let you monitor and manage the proper use of your equipment.

Target critical areas: Different weather events and snow storms create different needs for road maintenance. Using GPS fleet tracking, you can better direct your team to areas that were hit hardest and need snow removal the most. You can see the areas that have been done most recently and analyze routes taken to get the job done so that the next time a similar storm happens, your fleet can respond even faster.

Equipment maintenance: Fully equipped snow removal trucks weigh around 15 times more than an average car. That’s a lot of truck, and with big trucks come big maintenance costs. Protect your investment and increase the lifespan of your winter equipment by using features that manage maintenance scheduling. These systems can even monitor odometers and engine hours, and alert managers when repairs might be needed. Maintenance features can help you keep track of fleet-wide costs, too, for better repair budgeting.

An organized snow plow fleet spends less time crunching numbers and more time keeping the roads clear. Protect your community from the hazards of winter travel by outfitting your fleet with Snowplow GPS tracking. Your budget and your team will thank you.

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