Taking Back Time: How One Company Simplified Its Dispatching Process

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Coming in on the weekend is never fun if you work a full-time job Monday through Friday. It’s one thing if the occasional random task brings you in, but it can become a bigger issue if it happens every weekend.  

That’s what one Calgary-based short haul company had to do in order to process their dispatching forms.  

One of their employees came in every Saturday to input dispatching information into Microsoft Excel for the company records. It was far from a quick undertaking too, since it kept the staff member in the office for close to a standard work day.  

By implementing a system to move all of their dispatching paperwork to digital forms, they’ve found a way to streamline their system and prevent monotonous weekend work.


Hit Your ETA on Every Dispatch

Streamline your dispatch for productivity and speed. Eliminate time-wasting calls to your team on the road and plan your dispatch workflow with clear records of what items were completed. Adjust on the fly and gather timely updates on your job status.

Digitize Your Dispatch Now

The Digital Dispatch Difference 

This company picks up and drops off loads for short-haul and long-haul jobs in Alberta and across Canada, but they specialize in transporting a variety of heavy concrete structures and supplies. This requires them to have intuitive dispatching software and an adaptive team who can keep an eye out on their routes and location so their weight doesn’t collapse a bridge or clip a low overpass. For the past few years, they’ve been struggling with finding a way to save time and provide real-time dispatching to their drivers. 

In April of 2022, they found Titan GPS to show them the difference that digital dispatching makes. They were able to easily keep up with the rate at which they were growing by entering into automated processes for GPS, digital inspections, and digital dispatching. All of their information went from a messy network of handwritten records and reports, to an electronic system that contains all of their important docs and details together. 

Speeding Up the Daily Routine 

The day starts with a dispatcher finding routes and planning delivery times to coordinate with their team and clients. Then their directions are printed out and handed to each team member individually. It’s within this back-and-forth that papers get lost, marked-up, or wrinkled in the shuffle.  

That important paperwork, typically, has to make it through an entire workday, stuffed with different jobs in different cities. Surely, small to medium-sized trucking companies can relate to the struggle of maintaining handwritten pre-trip inspection forms, fuel receipts, dispatch data, and other important documents. Paper forms just slow things down. 

Among all of the safety and logistical concerns the company has, now they don’t have to worry about filling out a physical dispatch report for every job they’ve completed. Nobody has to transfer that from paper to an Excel document. With intuitive software that also houses their location tracking, Titan GPS solves their exact problem.  

Group Texts: Gone 

By using the Dispatching feature in FieldDocs, they’ve also removed the need for distracting and confusing group texts. Instead of your drivers wondering “Did someone else take that job or is it for me?”, they can now receive specific dispatching instructions directly through the app. This also helps dispatch teams who often can’t tell if the right person read their job instructions correctly in the group text. Both teams have become more efficient now that drivers know exactly what they need to do, with no need to scroll through long group texts. 

More Features for Better Efficiency 

With plans to take advantage of upcoming digital form updates to the Dispatch dashboard, they look forward to integrating their dispatching files directly with Excel for quick access in the mobile app. This makes storing years’ worth of documents much easier in the long haul. 

FieldDocs dispatching is a great tool for a mom-and-pop company that’s expanding outside of their current reach, or owners of medium sized fleets looking to digitize their paper reporting. Going digital with dispatching software, that also integrates with a GPS tracking system, will take those monotonous yet essential tasks, and automate them to save time on daily procedures. 

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