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Why Construction GPS Software Is Vital for Fleet Managers

Keeping track of everything from tools to heavy equipment on a lively construction site can be tedious. And attempting to measure how much construction assets are actually used can be a real headache.

The technology behind equipment location GPS systems and vehicles with integrated telematics has matured greatly and can help manage any construction fleet. Real-time GPS fleet tracking is a powerful way to monitor vehicle and equipment activities at multiple job sites simultaneously. Modern GPS software platforms allow construction fleet managers to command their entire fleet from one place, instantaneously.

GPS software in construction enables you to improve productivity and minimize downtime while you make sure your operators, vehicles, and assets are safe at all times.

  1. Safeguard Your Construction Equipment and Reduce Theft
  2. Monitor Driving Behavior and Identify Safety Risks
  3. Reduce Fuel Expenses & Wasted Time
  4. Boost Performance & Productivity
  5. Reduce Equipment Downtime & Increase Lifespan
  6. Right-Size Your Construction Vehicle Tracking Solution
  7. More Accurate Job Costing & Billing
  8. Do More With Less
  9. Conclusion



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Safeguard Your Construction Equipment and Reduce Theft

Did you know that January is the month with the highest theft from unattended job sites? Construction equipment theft is listed as one of the top five challenges facing construction companies.  It affects your schedule, productivity, and bottom line.

GPS Technology and Asset Tracking software can provide you with unauthorized movement alerts & real-time location data that you provide to law enforcement. When equipped with GPS tracking devices, your assets can be returned with minimal disruption.

You can even create geofences that alert you if assets have entered or left a jobsite or predetermined area.

Modern software platforms that include GPS asset tracking devices make it easy to recover stolen construction equipment. Easy location tracking saves you time & money. If you want to demo our Titan GPS platform you can book with us anytime here 

Monitor Driving Behavior and Identify Safety Risks

Drivers who are aware that their activities are tracked and monitored avoid risks. With software platforms available today, you are alerted when one is speeding, taking long routes, or driving unsafely.

You can also use geofencing to be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves a particular area.

By monitoring driver behavior and implementing coaching, you can avoid being the 20% of fleet vehicles involved in some form of crash every year.  GPS technology with integrated telematics can monitor the behavior of construction vehicles on the road as well as heavy equipment operators on jobsite.

Reduce Fuel Expenses & Wasted Time

Tracking engine idling is one of the easiest and most significant ways to reduce fuel costs. Reducing travel speeds and eliminating aggressive driving also saves fuel and enhances safety.

GPS technology for a construction fleet can help:

  • Practice good driving habits  
  • Prevent excessive idling  
  • Eliminate personal use  
  • Plan routes efficiently  

The efficiencies that construction companies can achieve by utilizing an advanced GPS Tracking System can help your entire company by boosting your bottom line, allowing equipment upgrades, more competitive bidding, and adding pay raises!    

Boost Performance & Productivity

There’s more to fleet GPS software than reducing fuel expenses and wasted time. There are many ways a GPS Fleet Tracking for construction companies can boost productivity & performance. You can use a GPS system to:    

  • Monitor arrival and departure times  
  • Optimize routes  
  • Reduce idle time  
  • Verify overtime and payroll  

Every employee deserves an occasional break and a rest from time to time, especially with the demanding work construction involves.  So, the goal isn’t to “babysit”, but rather to help them work smarter and not harder.

Read this case study about How Border City Concrete Used fleet GPS software to Save Money, Build Trust, and Impress Clients.    

GPS Fleet Tracking boosts performance, productivity and helps build better customer relationships!  

Reduce Equipment Downtime & Increase Lifespan

Did you know that simply replacing a dirty air filter can improve gas mileage by 10%?  

It’s easy to forget about basic maintenance requirements or to repeatedly postpone an oil change.  

GPS Fleet Tracking can routinely remind both drivers and managers about things like oil changes, brake checks, and tune-ups. GPS helps you stay on top of maintenance that prevents little problems from becoming costly ones down the line.  

With the data our system provides, fleet GPS can help you:    

  • Schedule Maintenance   
  • Decrease unwarranted travel  
  • Reduce breakdowns  
  • Increase vehicle & equipment lifespan  

Reducing fleet turnover, even by fractions, can have a significant impact over the long term on reducing costs and improving uptime.  You can get more great ideas on utilizing GPS Fleet Tracking to your fullest potential by reading this great blog post:  Definitive Guide to Better Fleet Monitoring  

Right-Size Your Construction Vehicle Tracking Solution

By now, you know that GPS Fleet Tracking can provide a very wide range of capabilities. Some companies push “everything now” solutions that end up being too much, too soon…and very expensive. Others provide basic capability at a budget price that is cheap, but limited.  Some GPS Fleet Tracking is designed to provide the capability you need now and easily expands as your needs grow.

Price is a consideration, but value is more important. With GPS Fleet Tracking, you are investing in a partnership as much as a system.  Finding one with a commitment to superior customer service and technical support adds great value that translates to efficient operation and minimal downtime.

More Accurate Job Costing & Billing

In the construction business, time is money.  No doubt about it. GPS Fleet Management can help improve the billing process with accurate, faster and more insightful reports, especially in the areas of:  

  • Equipment Usage  
  • Fuel Usage  
  • Maintenance and Downtime  
  • Most Efficient Operators  
  • Most Efficient Tasks  

Contact your fleet software company to be sure you are getting the most you can from reports and other useful data you may not be taking advantage of. Once you unlock the potential of these reports, managing job costing & billing becomes easy.   

Do More With Less

Efficiency.  In a single word, that’s what GPS Fleet Tracking buys you.  And today, more than ever, efficiency is critical to successful construction management.  You have to do more with less.   

Fleet software helps manage some of the biggest challenges construction fleets have today, including:  

  • Driver & Operator Shortage – All across North America, skilled drivers and operators are hard to find.  GPS Fleet Tracking can help give you the insight you need to put your best people on the toughest jobs.  It can also allow you to monitor less-experienced operators and help them be more productive and stay safe.  
  • Equipment Shortage – You need another excavator, and you can afford another excavator.  But there is a six-month delay. Job history data from GPS fleet software can help you get the most efficient use from what you have until you can get what you need.  
  • Maintenance Delays – When the equipment you do have goes down, that could be a construction project disaster – especially with spare parts delays.  GPS Fleet Tracking helps keep you on top of maintenance, so you can prevent problems before they occur.  
  • Materials Delays – You are ready, your workforce is ready and your equipment is ready.  But materials for the job are a month behind schedule.  Insight from GPS Fleet Management software can help optimize the most efficient use of assets once materials are on the job site.  It can also monitor driver, operator and equipment performance to help maintain safety and minimize equipment abuse.  

In Conclusion

Throughout this post, I provided you with a series of content highlighting the value of partnering with a GPS Fleet & Equipment Tracking provider.  Some major topics were covered, but we only just scratched the surface. GPS software in the construction industry can help you reduce theft, fuel expenses, and wasted time while increasing performance and lifespan. All while minimizing equipment downtime.

These insights and valuable tidbits were meant to help you get the most from GPS Fleet Tracking in the construction industry and to show just how vital this construction technology has become.




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