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Fleet Fuel Management and Rising Fuel Prices | 2021 Updated

fleet fuel optimization for rising fuel prices

Diesel and gas prices are rising steadily, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The average price of diesel is 90 cents more than it was a year ago. Gasoline prices had a similar jump, having risen by 92 cents from a year ago.

What Fleet Managers Can Do About High Fuel Costs

The trend of rising fuel prices continues—each year sees increasing prices at the fuel pump. What can fleet managers do in the face of perpetually shrinking margins and growing operating costs?

The most successful fleets use telematics to analyze data and uncover wasteful driving practices. When you know how your drivers perform and how that behavior relates to wasted fuel, you can strategically implement creative solutions to boost profitability. Titan GPS fleet management software provides the technology and reporting features you need to optimize how your assets are used–so you can make better decisions all around, including how to optimize fuel consumption

Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, includes fuel optimization software that tracks your fleet’s movements and driving behavior. You can filter data into reports to see which drivers idle the most, which drivers show aggressive driving behavior, and which vehicles are used most. Armed with that information, you can see where you need to implement fuel-saving policies.

Here are a few fleet management report examples we think you’ll find handy.

Fleet Management Report Example: Top 10 Worst Idling Vehicles

Fleets across all industries spend 64% of their engine time idling for more than an hour a day. Leaving a vehicle running while a driver quickly checks something outside the vehicle or while a driver finishes paperwork is an easily overlooked but costly fuel-wasting behavior.


fleet management dashboard report on vehicle idling time

With Titan GPS fleet tracking solutions, you can set an idling target. When a driver exceeds the idling target, they get an in-cab alert and our software records the data. From there, you can run the Top 10 Worst Idling Vehicles report to identify which drivers are idling the most. You can go further and explore individual driver data (historical and real-time) and implement preventative training to get back on track. 

Fleet Management Dashboard Report Example: Top 10 Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving behavior accounts for 37% of fuel consumption. Speeding, harsh braking, and over-revving are just a few driving behaviors cataloged as aggressive, and they’re not uncommon in fleets.


The Top 10 Aggressive Driving report shows what percentage of your fleet drives aggressively, who the worst offenders are, and the types of aggressive driving events they are committing. This data allows you to address specific issues that resulted in decreased fuel efficiency and lost money.

Fleet Telematics Report Example: Top 10 Utilized Vehicles

Irregular vehicle maintenance puts a strain on fuel consumption. When assets aren’t in peak condition, they aren’t fuel-efficient. Tracking kilometers and how many engine hours a vehicle has racked up is a good measure of how an asset is being used and whether it’s currently optimized for fuel-efficiency.



The Top 10 Utilized Vehicles report shows you driver and asset hours and distance traveled. Fleet managers can compare that data against historical fuel consumption costs and maintenance records to determine if a vehicle is being used as efficiently as possible or if it needs attention.

Wrapping Up: Take Action Based on Fleet Tracking Data

Our vision is to help companies make the world a better place, one data point at a time. To date, we’ve analyzed over a million data points in the trucking industry to improve your fleet’s productivity and fuel efficiency while protecting your bottom line.

Titan GPS’s data and reporting provide insight into how your fleet and drivers are performing overall and allow you to be as granular as you like. Find out which drivers need attention and training, track vehicle health, and implement solutions to get your fleet back on track.  

Effective fleet managers analyze the data available and communicate issues to their drivers. Putting fuel management policies into effect and training drivers on optimizing fuel consumption is the basis for a fuel-efficient, productive, and healthy fleet. Small improvements have a big payoff.

Are you ready to optimize your fleet’s fuel efficiency and bolster your bottom line? Talk with one of our experts for tailored fleet management solutions today.

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