U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.


October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Your data is secure with Titan GPS, read more to learn how we protect you and your business. 


Why is Cyber-Security Important

Cybersecurity is a whole different animal when it comes to businesses. According to the Government of Canada, an estimated 40% of a small business’s worth is derived from the information it owns. This can be anything from customer lists and information, company banking information, and intellectual property. A compromised network could mean this vital business information is at risk of falling into the hands of competitors or scammers. That’s not even taking into consideration the effect a data breach can have on the reputation and brand of a company. Remember what happened to Sony and Equifax? Although Sony was able to bounce back, to this day they still do not hold the same market share as they did prior to the hack and its unknown whether Equifax will ever truly recover.

Telematics helps businesses optimize their fleets, cutting costs and boosting profits without compromising manpower. To do this, telematics needs intelligence and this intelligence comes in the form of fleet data. Everything from real-time and historical location, to engine hours and Key Performance Indicators of all types, can be used to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line. This highly valued data should be protected at all times, and Titan GPS is dedicated to taking those extra steps to ensure your business is protected.

How Titan GPS Protects Your Data 

Titan GPS is partnered with COGECO Peer1 to manage the databases that store and transmit Titan GPS data securely. They have a distinguished list of customers and possess extensive expertise, ensuring that our telematics data is supported by the best engineers and experts in compliance, data sovereignty, disaster recovery, and security. Here’s how Titan GPS and COGECO Peer1 protect the data of our fleet tracking customers.

Firewall Management and Hosting 

COGECO Peer1 approaches firewall management with a proactive attitude, securing network devices, routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls through a configuration process of hardened security baselines. COGECO Peer1 ensures that users who attempt to log in are in fact authorized to do so through their Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS) which provides a centralized for network devices. Physically, servers, PC’s and other data storage devices are located in multiple secure locations and are updated consistently with the most up-to-date software and new DAT files are updated on the servers multiple times a day. And, when it comes to hosting, they’ve gone above and beyond when it comes to certification.

Active Monitoring & Patch Management

Utilizing Control Scan, COGECO Peer1 tests for vulnerabilities in their firewall ports and reports are produced on a bi-weekly basis, which gives recommendations on actions to take that will reduce risk and exposure. Additionally, patch updates are diligently tested and then implemented on systems and infrastructure frequently alongside Microsoft’s patch schedule.

Security & Access Administration

Security is COGECO Peer1’s first priority performing security logging, monitoring and reporting. They prioritize systems that pose the greatest risks to business operations. For example, systems and applications are monitored 24/7 for outages and alerts are based on pre-determined escalation procedures. Data centers and server locations are monitored by video surveillance. Every person who enters the premises must be cleared and authorized, then identified with an access badge. Employee access is also restricted according to management. Access can be granted based on the user’s functional requirements or position within the organization. Group restrictions can be based on job requirements, giving access only to the portions of the system that require their attention. A tight system using encryption, VPNs, SSL and IPSEC protocols, and pin codes protects valuable data from external intruders and internal bad actors from accessing vital information.

With Titan GPS and COGECO Peer1, your data is secure, both from attacks perpetrated remotely as well as physical attacks.

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