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Top 3 Ways To Stop Aggressive Driving in Fleets

Many fleet managers don’t know where they are losing money, a good place to start is aggressive driving and what aspects of this term apply specifically to your fleet. 

Aggressive Driving

One of the most common leaks fleet businesses have is aggressive driving. Aggressive driving can be defined as “any act that commits moving traffic offenses that endanger other persons or property”. For most fleets, this means speeding, excessive acceleration, and braking. The problem with aggressive driving is that it is costly in multiple ways. The most apparent being the cost of violating the law. These violations bring costly fines to the business, eating into the bottom-line. However, there are other direct and indirect costs that need to be considered. First is the cost towards the brand image, oftentimes fleet vehicles have a secondary role as marketing tools. Service trucks, vans, and other fleet vehicles are branded and viewed by thousands of people every day. The long-term opportunity costs of operators who drive aggressively cannot be measured, but a bad reputation sticks around much longer than a good one. Then there are the underlying fuel and maintenance costs associated with aggressive driving. Harsh braking, speeding, aggressive cornering, all these things use more fuel than is necessary and it causes premature wear and tears on parts. This significantly increases the frequency at which vehicles need to be repaired, further eating into the bottom-line.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for fleet managers to literally sit in the passenger seat with their drivers to ensure that they are following protocol. Titan GPS provides tools that can virtually put you in the cab with your drivers.


The Titan GPS Real-Time Alerts feature is essential for fleet managers who want to be updated on the activity of their fleet assets, no matter where they are or when violations occur. Here’s how it works, since the Titan GPS tracking system works historically and in real-time, your assets are being tracked 24/7. If you want you can monitor your preferred device (smartphone, tablet or desktop) at any and all times of the day. However, if like most fleet managers you don’t have time to keep your eyes on all your assets, Real-Time Alerts can save the day.

Easily create customized rules to trigger email and/or text alerts when your drivers drive aggressively. Set exceptions for those that are performing well or set tighter restrictions on those who need it the most.


Receiving real-time alerts and notifications is great, but its hard to make on the spot changes to someone’s behaviour, especially if they are driving. For example, if a driver is speeding on the highway, it wouldn’t be wise to call them on their company-provided smartphone telling them to slow down. As a fleet manager, you’re too preoccupied with other tasks to address immediate issues regarding aggressive driving. At Titan GPS we developed the perfect solution, in-cab Driver Coaching.

Automatically notify drivers of policy violations with audible in-cab alerts. Once you decide which events should trigger an alert, from speeding to over-revving and everything in between. You can simply leave the system to work and coach drivers on what they need to do to work within the standards you set for your fleet. Configure thresholds and events, enhance safety and efficiency, and verify improvements in driver behavior.


Titan has a suite of Reporting options that are as flexible as they are granular. Attain any level of detail you want from detailed summaries to advanced reports that analyze key KPI’s and give the insight you need to optimize your fleet.

One report that has been shown to substantially improve driver behavior is Driver Scorecards. Titan GPS Driver Scorecards. are the perfect fleet management tool for those who want to enact noticeable, organizational change. Compare and contrast your drivers with metrics that you customize to create your very own Driver Scorecards. Identify your best and worst performers, and set targets to incentivize the kind of driving behaviour that saves you money and protects your company’s reputation. Scorecards encourage friendly competition among co-workers and positive actions that reduce operating costs.


There are plenty of tools within the Titan GPS fleet tracking system that can help fleet managers curb aggressive driving, but using any of these three methods will produce noticeable results and if used together in conjunction, can make a world of difference. Build a safer and more reliable fleet with Titan GPS.

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