U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, Launches AI Dashboard Camera

Driving Safety, ROI, and A Culture of Trust & Transparency 

August 11, 2021 / Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, a leader in GPS telematics, today announced the launch of its AI dashboard camera (dash dam). Architected with fleets in mind, this all-in-one system will ultimately combine AI video, GPS, real-time driver feedback, and ELD compliance in one fleet management tool—protecting drivers, assets, and customer reputation.  

Titan GPS’ dual-facing AI cameras empower fleet managers with the capability to continuously analyze road conditions and driver conduct—watching in real-time or with instant replay to isolate risky behavior and provide corrective training.  Audible in-cab alerts keep drivers safe, and the cloud-based system creates a record of truth for further review if and when the inevitable incident occurs.   

“The rollout of our AI dash cams is the latest advancement in our integrated solution portfolio as we work tirelessly toward our vision to help companies make the world a safer place, one data point at a time. With comprehensive functionality and features, we offer fleet managers peace of mind with real-time visibility that drives tangible ROI and intangible shifts in culture, fostering trust among drivers and managers through transparency. The result is a customer with a healthier fleet fueled by healthier drivers,” said Ben Jensen Jr., Founder and CEO of Certified Tracking Solutions. 

About Titan GPS: Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, is an innovator and leader in GPS telematics, fleet tracking and management, and workflow optimization. The company has been trusted by thousands of fleet operators across North America since 2004. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, and Phoenix, AZ the company is rapidly growing as it continues to lead with best-in-class customer support.  




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