U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

In-Vehicle WiFi

In-Vehicle Wi-Fi puts you in the drivers seat. Monitor the activity of your entire drivers and bring safety plus accountability to your entire fleet.

Business in Motion

In-Vehicle Wi-Fi

Where traditional tethers to the central office have all but disappeared, forward-thinking fleet enterprises have found productivity gains with dependable mobile internet connectivity. The benefits delivered by an in-cab network are plentiful. Streamlined work processes, increased fleet security, and access to essential information on-demand on the road.

Reliable Connectivity


There are plenty of options available for in-cab Wi-Fi. Stand-alone commercial-grade wireless routers provide the most reliable and secure solution for high-speed internet connectivity for enterprise fleets.

Stand-alone commercial-grade wireless routers designed specifically for in-vehicle service deliver the greatest return as a long-term mobile solution. Consumer based alternatives (i.e.: USB modems / Mi-Fi devices) or all-in-one modems (i.e.: Telematics plus Wi-Fi) simply don’t hold up to the rigours of enterprise applications where secure, fast and reliable connectivity is paramount. Choose Titan GPS and an integrated cloud managed commercial-grade wireless Wi-Fi router.

Ruggedized | Enterprise Connected | Securely Managed

Cloud Managed Security


The ability to manage data and maintain the health of the network through the cloud provides fleet operators security that goes well beyond consumer-grade options. Cloud managed security gives mobile fleet operators the ability to control what is a potential liability. Protect yourself from attacks, excessive or inappropriate data usage and future proof yourself with cloud managed enterprise system upgrades.

Dynamically Manage

Network administration can prevent the execution of undesirable programs with black lists or white lists to contain security threats or vulnerabilities or deemed inappropriate within a given organization. Blacklisting is the method most commonly used by antivirus programs, intrusion prevention/detection systems and spam filters.

Rapidly Deploy

Rapidly deploy networks at geographically distributed locations with an enterprise cloud management system. Cloud-based remote management enables software/firmware updates, configurations, security patches, and maintenance from a remote location all the while ensuring sensitive data stays safe.

  • Easy Deployment: Configure by groups or individually, and update firmware remotely.
  • Simplify Management: Monitor device status in real-time and set proactive alerts for optimized 3G/4G data usage and network uptime.
  • Instant Insights: Real-time analytics to manage data usage, performance, and costs.
  • Robust analytics to manage performance, data usage, and costs.
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