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Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Western Weather Protectors Case Study


Western Weather Protectors Ltd. has been a force in the Alberta waterproofing, commercial roofing, and protective coatings business for more than 30 years. Today they operate branch offices in Calgary and Edmonton and are near the top of the market in both.


Management in the Edmonton branch began to consider GPS tracking to better monitor the location of their teams. With more than 70 employees, 10 crews, and 25 trucks in a rapidly expanding marketplace, keeping track of the whereabouts and activities of their crews was becoming more difficult to manage.

In particular, there were concerns that timesheets were not accurately reflecting work completed and an increasing number of traffic violations and vehicle mishaps were hitting them in the pocketbook and in lost productivity.


Western Weather Protectors discussed the company’s concerns with a Certified Tracking Solutions Fleet Consultant and arranged for a trial of the Titan GPS system. The GPS device used for the trial was an easy installation unit that simply plugs into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (OBD).


The trial immediately demonstrated its value. With the help of the Titan GPS system, one crewmember was shown to be spending good parts of the workday away from the job site while claiming full hours without interruption. The trial was quickly expanded to include a 6-man crew that worked out of town jobs. 

The crew was claiming up to 140 hours for each man for 2-week periods. With the knowledge that their vehicles were being tracked, timecard submissions dropped to 90 hours in subsequent periods without a drop in production. The company estimates they are saving up to $16 thousand dollars a month by holding just this one crew accountable.

Western Weather Protectors continued to expand their use of the Titan GPS system and has managed to further improve their bottom-line. Unauthorized weekend and evening travel has been significantly curbed. Speed infractions and fender benders have all but been eliminated and further improvements in time reporting made.

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