#1 GPS Fleet Tracking Software System in North America

The best GPS fleet tracking system to track and manage small, heavy or construction equipment fleets with minimal effort and great efficiency.

The Best Vehicle GPS Tracking Device For Fleet Managers

Used by thousands of fleets to improve accountability, cut costs, and boost safety.

Powerful GPS Equipment Tracking Built For Tough Canadian Terrain

Streamline fleet equipment deployment, cut costs, protect, and increase equipment lifespan.

Top GPS Tracking Device For Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

Used by thousands of businesses to track and efficiently deploy trailer and mobile asset fleets.

The Preferred GPS Snowplow Tracking Solution By Canada’s Fleet Operators

Trusted by some of the largest winter snow fleet operators on the planet to track and efficiently manage their winter maintenance fleets.

Advanced Fleet Dash Cam & Camera Systems For Fleet Tracking And Management

Distracted driving, congested operating environments, insurance fraud, it’s no wonder the popularity of fleet camera systems is on the rise.

Trusted Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) To Stay Compliant With ELD Mandate

Paper logbooks used to record Hours of Service (HOS) are and will no longer acceptable when recording driving hours, rest time and on-duty hours.

Simply put – it is a software that uses GPS to allow fleet managers to see their assets’ location and status at any time. But it also goes far beyond simple location tracking. 
Titan GPS is a sophisticated platform of systems that combine GPS satellite signals, vehicle status, and hundreds of different data points to help turn otherwise hard-to-read data into actionable fleet intelligence. 
 All Titan GPS Fleet Tracking solutions transmit data via wireless cellular (or satellite) networks to powerful cloud-based servers that make sense of all the available data and present it to customers through easy-to-use web portals and mobile applications. 
We recognize that no two fleets are alike, so when it comes to fleet management tools, there’s no such thing as a fits-everything solution. That’s why Titan GPS uses a consultative approach rather than a set cost. 
 Our fleet management experts will work with you to find the perfect fit for your fleet, ensuring you get all the features and functionality your fleet needs, without paying for the any stuff you don’t.  
Enterprise GPS Fleet Tracking simply means that the fleet tracking and management tools are purpose-built to help fulfill the needs of a business or organization, rather than an individual. 
While the terms ‘fleet’ and ‘enterprise’ might sound geared to large businesses with multiple locations or dozens of assets, that is not always the case. Titan GPS does work with many multi-national businesses with assets numbering in the thousands, but we also provide a valuable solution to smaller companies with only a few vehicles. Our consultative approach is designed to help build the right solution with the tools you need for your fleet – no matter the size. 
GPS fleet tracking software like the solutions Titan GPS offers can be used for as much – or as little as you’d like. The most obvious benefit is simply knowing where your assets are and what they are doing at any given time. 
While that is enough for some fleets, Titan GPS solutions are capable of so much more, including saving your business money through fuel savings, operational efficiencies, and better maintenance scheduling. GPS fleet tracking can also protect your reputation, keep your drivers safe, and save time.  
The most important thing is that your GPS fleet management solution works for you. Titan GPS works with you to figure out exactly what your unique fleet need. Our flexible solutions provide you everything you need, without overwhelming you with unnecessary or costly features.  
Whether you need a simple plug-and-play tracking device or an hardwired solution capable of measuring inputs or managing snowplows, Titan GPS can help.  
Telematics is a broad (interdisciplinary) term that refers to a number of systems and technologies. It is often associated with sending, receiving, and storing information and data by using telecommunication devices (such as GPS systems).  
Although it is a very complex field, it is common to see telematics simply used as a description for the ‘intelligent’ features and functions in vehicles, such as automation. Vehicle telematics are what make GPS fleet tracking and management possible. Advanced telematics can help fleets become more efficient, and open the door to diverse and robust features that a fleet manager can utilize to improve fleet performance.  
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John McPherson
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‘We' don't have to worry about our operators working alone after-hours any more.’
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Kyle Dunbar
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‘Whenever new vehicles require outfitting the orders are processed quickly and the vehicle is never out of service long.’
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