U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Crystal Glass Case Study

For over 60 years Crystal Glass has specialized in repairing and replacing auto glass, windshields, residential and commercial glass. Their full line of services is backed by six decades of delivering quality workmanship and value to customers. With over 50 locations they are western Canada’s largest automotive glass experts.


Crystal Glass was having significant challenges with increasing collisions and traffic violations to the point where escalating insurance costs were forcing them to weigh the option of self-insuring their fleet of service and delivery vehicles.

The company felt that regardless of the approach to insurance there needed to be a concerted effort to slow vehicles down and improve safety for their drivers and the public.


To tackle these challenges Certified Tracking Solutions recommended Titan GPS Fleet Tracking solutions. This advanced GPS system is specifically designed for fleet applications. All GPS hardware is Canadian climate tested and covertly hardwired models were recommended to avoid disconnection and tampering.

Features of the GPS solution provided Crystal Glass with the ability to easily track the location and status of their vehicles, monitor and be alerted to speeds in excess of defined thresholds.


Crystal Glass announced to their team that they would be tracking the fleet with GPS and shared their reasons for doing so openly. Titan GPS Fleet Tracking devices were professionally installed by Certified Tracking Solutions in fleet service and delivery vehicles.

Within 60 days of installation incidence rates declined dramatically and over the long term have dropped by more than 60%. Crystal Glass also realized unexpected benefits resulting in improvements to customer service by way of more accurate estimated time of arrivals for delivery and service made possible by the Titan GPS tracking system.

To enhance the reception area of the corporate office Crystal Glass prominently displays the Titan Dashboard on a large flat panel monitor to help demonstrate the geographic scale of their business and progressive nature of their brand, as well as to remind employees that the system is in place.

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