U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Stop Losing Money on After-Hours Use

Many fleet drivers operate independently, taking their fleet vehicles home at the end of the day. As a fleet manager, how can you curb unauthorized after-hours use that ultimately hurts the bottom-line of your business? 


Moonlighting is a term used when someone holds a second job, often related to their regular job, outside of normal working hours. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, roughly 8 million people moonlight. But that number has been reported to be as high as 13.5 million. Having a second job isn’t inherently a negative for fleet managers, it’s only when employees use company resources to facilitate their second (or third) job. Luckily, Titan GPS has the tools to help prevent the use of fleet assets for moonlighting purposes.

Reporting & Benchmarks

Extensive reporting details engine hours and distance traveled for any given time period. If one of your vehicles or equipment pieces have significantly higher values in either of those data points in relation to their benchmark groups, it could be an indication of after-hours usage.  


The ignition alert will notify you if one of your fleet assets is turned on during normal off-hours. A good strategy would be to check to see if there are any open work orders or service calls when the alert is received. If there aren’t, then again it could be an indication the vehicle or piece of equipment is not being used for its intended purpose. Titan GPS has a variety of alerts that you can configure to be sent via email or SMS/text message. For the purpose of tracking potential moonlighting, we advise setting an ignition alert to trigger if your fleet asset is started during normal “off-hours”. If you consistently receive these alerts, one of your employees could be moonlighting and further investigation may be required.

Fleet Replay

The Titan GPS live interface has the ability to replay fleet activity. The fleet replay menu allows you to audit a single vehicle or your entire fleets trip history over any defined period of time. With this tool, you can see where your fleet vehicles went, when, and for how long. Potentially discovering after-hours work or confirming other activity worthy of additional investigation.


Moonlighting isn’t the only way fleet assets are used inappropriately that impact the bottom-line. Using fleet assets for personal use, whether it be taking the service van to the grocery store or using the work truck to tow a camper to the lake house negatively affects the return on investment of that asset, from maintenance costs, fuel, and working life.


Many fleet operators have drivers take their vehicles home to cover overtime work or after-hours service calls. But sometimes the difference between personal use and work-related activities can get conflated. A relatively simple way of dealing with this is to geo-fence around home and job sites. Each time the vehicle enters or leaves these areas fleet managers can be sent a notification. If dates and times line up with completed work orders, everything’s being done by the book.


The Titan GPS system means tracked vehicles leave breadcrumbs, a virtual trail of where they’ve been and for how long. There are two types of breadcrumb displays you can bring up. A one-touch 24-hour breadcrumb trail and a more in-depth report that goes back any prior time period.


Titan GPS has the tools that fleet managers need to achieve optimal ROI on their fleet vehicles and equipment. Curbing after-hours use whether it’s from moonlighting or personal-use can significantly increase the life and usability of fleet assets.

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