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Equipment GPS Tracking, What Can it Do?

On the topic of Fleet GPS Tracking, truck, van, and car fleets usually, dominate the discussion. But one key area of the industry that is often forgotten is Equipment Tracking.

For industries and businesses that utilize heavy equipment to contribute a significant portion to their bottom-line, GPS tracking should be heavily considered. Chief among these industries is construction, oil and gas, and mining. But how can a GPS Equipment Tracking System help your business boost their bottom-line?


The concept is pretty simple. If a piece of equipment is working, then it is making the organization money. Unfortunately, 100% utilization is nearly impossible, as it is unlikely the environment, economic, and labour conditions will allow it. However, a journey towards continuous improvement can begin with Equipment GPS Tracking from Titan GPS.

But how to optimize utilization? Well like many things, you need to know where you’ve been before you know where you’re going. After the Titan GPS Equipment Tracking System has been installed, track your equipment for two to four weeks. This will give you some baseline data about how each individual piece of equipment is operating and will indicate how your fleet is performing. This is your baseline. Once the baseline performance data for the fleet has been determined, judgments can be made based on the areas of improvement that need the most direct attention. For instance, maybe you notice that your operators are underutilizing a couple skid steers. You don’t know why, but some skid steers are being over-used while others are being under-used. This causes the lifespan of the over-used assets to be degraded at an accelerated rate, which clearly will have a negative impact on your bottom-line. To combat this, you can begin to implement policies that promote the distribution of equipment utilization. Then you can begin to accurately schedule maintenance based on engine hours while maintaining a consistent distribution of hours across all equipment assets.

We’ve discussed the importance of maintenance here. But to summarize, scheduled maintenance goes a long way in lengthening the lifespan of the equipment. Not only that, but equipment that is properly tuned and well-maintained is more efficient, requiring less fuel and producing less waste. A positive for your organization and the environment. But there are lots of ways to optimize an equipment fleet, analyze your data and decide where improvements can be made. We usually recommend making improvements by factors if 10% on things like engine idle time, and utilization.


Ensuring equipment is operating at peak performance is only one benefit of equipment tracking devices. People are the other piece of the puzzle. As a fleet manager, operations supervisor, foreman, or any other position that mandates the managing of people, your job is to make certain everyone is doing their jobs as optimally as possible. The problem is, it’s impossible to keep a literal eye on everyone. Which is especially true if your operation spans a large area. Luckily, for equipment operators, the productivity of operators can be measured by tracking the movement of the equipment via GPS. If an asset is active and hasn’t moved in a while, then it could be an indication of an inefficiency that needs to be corrected.

Additionally, in the case of stolen equipment. The GPS trackers can locate the asset no matter where it ends up. There have been many cases where GPS tracking has aided the authorities in locating stolen assets.


Titan GPS has several GPS Trackers that can be hardwired into any piece of equipment, these GPS Tracking devices are hidden away so that drivers will be uninhibited and potential thieves will be unbeknownst to their presence. These units are state of the art, weatherproof, and engineered for reliable tracking in environments ranging from –30 Celsius to +75 Celsius. They are also equipped with a 5.2 Ah internal battery that gives up to 6-months of battery life if disconnected. Perfect for those who operate seasonal equipment.

For whatever your equipment tracking needs, Titan GPS has a solution.

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