U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Introducing Real-time Road Cameras

Titan GPS users now have access to live camera feeds from the hundreds of highway and road cameras positioned across Alberta and Ontario – right from the Titan GPS web dashboard.

Thanks to our new partnership with Alberta 511 and Ontario 511 fleet operators can also see road closures, construction, and incidents in real-time.

Fleet operators can simply select which overlays they want to see, and the information automatically appears on whatever map view is being used; Map, Satellite, Terrain, and even the PatchMap integration.

The feature has been added to all Titan GPS accounts.


The Features

Users who are familiar with 511 or other similar road reports will immediately recognize the icons and overlays, allowing for seamless integration with fleet operations.

With the addition of the 511 information, users can now make better-informed decisions on routing and dispatching, avoiding slow-moving traffic, opting for alternate routes around incidents, closures, and construction, or checking cameras for road conditions.
Keep customers and clients in the loop and provide accurate updates by cross-referencing live asset location with current traffic conditions or obstructions.


The existing Titan GPS traffic view is now found on the new overlays list. Traffic is a familiar feature to existing customers – selecting the overlay option will automatically colour each road according to current traffic conditions.


Click on a camera icon and get a better picture of the true road conditions for specific stretches of highway. Images are updated regularly according to Alberta 511 and Ontario 511 procedures, giving fleet operators an accurate estimation of the conditions drivers are experiencing.


The closures overlay provides information on the location, direction, start and end dates, and available details of any reported road closure. Fleet operators can use this information to plan routes and find detours to keep things moving on schedule and without delay.


Construction icons are similar to closures. Each construction icon provides information such as: type of construction, weight and width restrictions, pavement drop-offs, and flag persons present.

Titan GPS users can check planned routes for construction status and restrictions, and plan around it or avoid it altogether.


Incident notices work like closures and construction, showing Titan GPS users any temporary obstructions that could slow or halt progress. Depending on the incident, speed, width, or weight restrictions may be put in place that could affect a fleet asset’s travel through the affected stretch of road.

About 511

Both the Alberta 511 and Ontario 511 information services are operated by respective provincial governments. Travel information is sourced from provincial governments, user-relayed information, and third-party partners to produce the most up-to-date and accurate service possible.

Designed to help people plan efficient routes and travel safely, the 511 integration with Titan GPS is a valuable tool for fleet operators across any industry. Whether it’s route planning, finding detours on-the-fly, or checking cameras to get a clear picture of highway conditions, all Titan GPS users can now make better-informed decisions any time an asset hits the road.

Talk to a Titan GPS fleet management expert today to learn how our system can help take your fleet business to the next level.

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