U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Introducing Public Link

Titan GPS users now have the ability to share the real-time location of individual assets with anyone. Whether you are dispatching drivers, maintaining customer relationships, or keeping the public updated, staying connected has never been easier.

Through both the Titan GPS web dashboard and the Titan GPS Fleet mobile app, users can easily create a temporary URL link for sharing real-time asset location with anybody. Recipients of the link are given access to a simplified map interface showing asset status and location. The secure links can be set to expire in as little as an hour, or remain active for weeks, months, or years at a time.

Customer Service

The need for a seamless customer experience has never been higher. 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Public Link was designed with that in mind. Titan GPS’ newest feature provides an enhanced customer experience and cuts down on unnecessary check-ins and update requests.

Public Links can help you manage timeline expectations by giving clients and customers the ability to see where your drivers are in relation to their destination. The real-time location sharing provides peace of mind to your clients with accurate updates on location and progress.

With hassle-free updates, Public Link provides a new dimension to customer interaction fit for today’s digital world. In fact, a recent study has estimated that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. Public Link adds an easy option for personalized customer interaction that is built right into your fleet management system.

Easy to Use

The Public Link feature is designed to be simple and easy to use. Authorized users with permissions set to create a Public Link can simply select an asset, set a time frame for expiry, enter a recipient’s email address, and click send. Shared links can be opened on desktops or mobile devices without the need to download any apps or software, and do not require a login.

Unique URLs created with Public Link can be embedded in web pages, shared via social media, or added to newsletters, perfect for municipalities or companies who want to keep the general public up to date on the location of snowplows, construction equipment, waste disposal trucks, public transit, and more.

Real-world Solutions

Field Service Industry

Communication with customers is one of the biggest challenges for field service businesses. Running late or missing an appointment window can leave customers angry, and cause them to take their business elsewhere. With added visibility through Public Link, customers can manage their expectations and stay up to date on technician progress without having to call for updates.

Public Works

Every winter, towns and cities across Canada are tasked with keeping the streets clear and safe for everybody. Finding the progress of snowplows throughout a city can be a challenge for people planning their daily commute or wondering about street parking. Public Links can be embedded on municipal websites or shared through social media to give people a live platform for monitoring plow progress.

Internal Communication

Public Link applications extend beyond keeping customers and the public informed. Sharing links internally with employees can drastically help offsite coordination efforts. Dealing with sudden breakdowns or routine maintenance in the field is made easier by sharing the exact location of an asset with field service technicians without the need to provide total access to the Titan GPS dashboard.

Student Tracking for Parents and Schools

With Public Link, users can create a shareable link that parents can access to monitor their child’s school bus progress to and from school or on field trips.

Long-haul Delivery Monitoring

Keep clients and customers in the loop on delivery timelines with Public Link. Titan GPS administrators or drivers can create and share a Public Link with contacts at a route’s destination to keep them informed of any delays or early arrivals.

Coordinate Asset Pick-up, Repair, and Recovery

Eliminate misinterpreted or confusing directions with Public Link. Tow trucks, third-party equipment haulers, and mechanics can find immobile assets with the click of a button.

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