U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Fleet Video Camera Systems Transform Fleets

Fleet operators are increasingly deploying fleet video camera systems to improve driver safety and security.


The commercial grade Titan GPS fleet video camera system integrates live and recorded video with its advanced GPS fleet tracking system. It comes equipped with a forward facing and optional driver facing camera and built-in accelerometer. Fleet video cameras record continuously on tamper resistant internal looping SD memory storage, plus separately catalogues and optionally transmits video of critical events such as a sudden deceleration or impact, to the Titan GPS cloud-based servers. Transmission of these critical events or on-demand live video is made possible by optional Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Video is accessed for playback via your desktop or on the Titan GPS dashboard or mobile devices when connected. Additional information captured alongside video images includes location, speed, and optional audio.



Improve Safety

Fleet owners spend thousands on driver safety training, yet imagine if you had the ability to visually ride along with your drivers. An in-cab fleet video camera system provides an additional layer of safety and training opportunities.

Based on Canadian injury and fatality data sustained in motor vehicle collisions sizeable improvements in vehicle safety can be made. Fleet video camera solutions have proven to reduce vehicle related incidents by more than 35%. With a robust fleet video camera system like this you have a powerful tool in place to make extraordinary improvements to safety for your fleet drivers and public at large.

Save Money

The greatest proportion of direct costs resulting from commercial motor vehicle collisions is borne by the employer and insurance companies. These costs include property damage, emergency response, environmental, lost productivity, health and funeral services. These costs are preventable with the right tools and motivation.
Average total direct costs by collision type as per this Alberta study in 2018 are as follows:

  • Fatal: $225,000
  • Injury: $48,000
  • Property Damage Only: $14,000

Create Accountability

Driving events captured on video provides your drivers an objective view of their behavior to help bring unsafe habits to light. The safer and more skilled your drivers and technicians are, the better your business performs. With these advanced tools you are able to continuously develop safe and productive driving behaviors, reduce collision frequency, maximize fleet efficiency, and turn good drivers into great drivers.

With an objective witness onboard you’ll be able to exonerate your drivers for collisions they didn’t cause and avoid false insurance claims. Drivers that know you have their back take greater pride in their performance and helps retain them over the long-term.


Helping your drivers go from good to great means you’re investing in their future. With an integrated Titan GPS commercial grade fleet video camera system you have a powerful and objective tool with which to do so.

Find out how you can outfit your fleet with an integrated fleet video camera system.


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