Next-Gen AI Dash Cam

AI dash cameras are the most advanced way to monitor and reward real-time driver behavior, implement preventative training, and enforce compliance. Our leading camera solution also includes multi-cam options for complex fleets.

AI Dash Cam in Action

Fleet Camera Systems

As an innovative leader in GPS telematics, Certified Tracking Solutions is proud to offer the latest technology to improve overall fleet performance.


Driver Performance Metrics

Driver Performance Metrics

Real-time alerts and driver coaching for improved driver performance

Secure Storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Securely stores 100+ hours of HD video, accessible through the cloud

GPS Location


Proactive notifications for managers to identify risky behavior and provide corrective training

Culture of Trust Through Transparency

HD video recording provides evidence of driving integrity and fosters an environment of trust for employee retention and engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Asset Protection

Break-in alerts let you know when an asset is compromised

Incident Alerting

Cost Savings

Evidence-based monitoring means fewer incident claims and less money spent on asset and equipment repair, as well as insurance premiums

Live View

ELD Compliance

Automatically record driving time to better track, manage, and improve accuracy and efficiency in a driver’s record of duty status

Real time alerts

Future Roadmap

Distracted driving detection, fatigue detection, road sign recognition, speed violation alerts, driver facial ID recognition, live audio and video for real-time communication

Titan GPS AI Dash Camera Systems

Titan GPS AI dash cameras deliver a wide range of functionality and features resulting in the ultimate safety, visibility, compliance, and ROI for fleet managers.  

Optimize your business today, and prepare your fleet for the future with our most advanced dash camera system. With a Titan GPS AI dash cam, you can leverage an entirely new level of connectivity and visibility into your fleet. Our AI-powered dash cam helps business fleets prevent loss, protect their reputation, dispute claims, find new efficiencies, and bolster ROI.  

Revolutionize Driver Safety

Protect Your Drivers & Assets

The Titan GPS AI dash cam for fleet vehicles is a true all-in-one system. We’ve combined AI video, GPS, real-time driver feedback, and ELD compliance with our most advanced device ever, so you can protect your drivers, assets, and reputation.

Live Tracking with AI Dash Cam

Visibility for Fleet Adaptability

Dual-facing AI cameras allow fleet managers to analyze road conditions and driver conduct continuously—you can watch in real-time or use instant replay to isolate risky behavior and provide corrective training.

Proactive Compliance

Protect Your Reputation

A big part of improving overall safety numbers and even reducing insurance premiums is adhering to local and national safety policies. Being compliant is a regulatory must and promotes your reputation and commitment to your community.

Titan GPS AI dash cams support drivers

Maximize hard & soft Cost Savings

Tangible ROI + Employee Retention & Engagement

Our AI fleet dash cams connect with GPS telematics and are the next-gen trend for business fleets concerned with protecting the bottom line and creating a culture rooted in trust and transparency. Our AI fleet dash cam connects with GPS telematics to

Future Roadmap

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

DMS (Driver Monitoring Solutions)


Download our PDF to learn how AI dash cams can improve driver safety, culture, and your bottom line.

Dashboard cameras are hard-wired into fleet vehicles and mounted as close to the central rear-view mirror as possible. Dash cams should be fitted correctly or insurance companies may disregard the footage.

Fleet dash cameras are like having a safety compliance officer in every fleet vehicle. With built-in intelligent road sensing and driver monitoring, the camera knows when drivers are showing signs of fatigue, recklessness, or distraction. Audible in-cab alerts keep drivers safe in real-time, and the cloud-based system creates a record for further review. 

Future Features:

  • Tailgating
  • Lane drift
  • Collision warning
  • Fatigue detection
  • Distracted driving detection
  • Speed sign recognition
  • Speed limit in-cab display
  • Speed violation alert

Yes. We combine real-time video, GPS telematics, and ELD compliance with our most advanced devices ever.

The dashboard camera is one device that can record both outward-facing (the road) and inward-facing (the driver). The length of the video that can be stored depends on which camera is recording:

– 18h for both cameras, outward-facing and driver-facing
– 24-36h for 1440p front camera only
– 108-112h for 720p front camera only
– 20 sec video retrieval for in-camera video
– 25 sec video clips (10s prior, 15s after)
– Continuously records on internal storage; overwrites when storage is full
– Securely stores 100+ hours of HD video, accessible via the cloud 

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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


All in one place.

Take advantage of built-in data and telematics systems for mining, construction, logging, and earth-moving equipment with Titan GPS OEM integration

Designed for John Deere, Komatsu, and Caterpillar, integrate all your equipment’s data into the Titan GPS dashboard for truly complete fleet visibility – all without the need for additional hardware.

Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


Talk To Us Today For Your Business Fleet​

Let us provide you with information orq a quick quote for all Your Fleet Tracking & Management Needs. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


We interviewed Canada’s top fleet-dependent businesses and identified these 5 key questions you should be asking as you prepare your business for the new normal.

Based on these interviews, we identified three of the BIGGEST challenges companies need to overcome as they try to adjust.