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3 Ways AI Dash Cams Support Drivers

Titan GPS AI dash cams support drivers

The leading cause of work-related death is road accidents and the incident rate for commercial vehicles is 20%. Want to make the roads a safer space for drivers and the public? Installing AI-powered dash cam technology in your fleet vehicles results in better driving habits, fewer accidents, and increased savings.

Unfortunately, drivers in any industry still generally distrust dash cams. They think of them as a threat to their privacy and suspect fleet managers will use video footage as evidence for repercussions or termination. Here are three ways you can reframe monitoring drivers to let them know you’re invested in their success. 

Initiate a Dash Cam Policy 

Dash cameras can be contentious. It’s common for drivers to have misgivings about an AI dash cam in their vehicle. Fleet managers can flip the narrative by focusing on the positive. Detailing your intentions and how you’ll use dash cams can impact how drivers view their new in-cab companion.  

Creating a dash cam policy lets drivers know you plan to use AI dash cams to coach them, not deliberately find fault with them. It’s important to emphasize that you’ll use video to benefit drivers and create a safer environment on the road. Remind them that, ultimately, your goal is fleet safety, not a game of Gotcha. 

Establishing a camera-use policy sets expectations on both sides. Fleet managers know drivers understand expectations and consequences, and drivers are more at ease when they know you’re looking out for them instead of having it out for them. Setting expectations on both sides results in fleet safety, health, and efficiency. 

Capture Critical Events on Video 

Fleet drivers do more than drive. They’re alert at all times to avoid collisions, handle weather and road conditions, and manage their time-sensitive schedules. At some point, there’s bound to be alerts for aggressive driving events—but alerts don’t always translate to poor behavior. Smart dash cams provide the evidence fleet managers and drivers need to document incidents and avoid false accusations. 

Titan GPS dual-facing AI dash cams monitor driving conditions, overall driving behavior, and in-cab conduct. The benefit of comprehensive monitoring is much-needed insight into driver integrity—it’s easy to see when a driver is making the right decisions. 

For example, if a driver brakes hard, an alert is sent to the fleet manager. The assumption may be the driver wasn’t paying attention. With AI dash cam footage, your driver can show he was alert and braking hard to avoid a collision with the car in front of him when it stopped short. 

When incidents involve a third party, it’s even more critical to have video evidence. Details get jumbled when recalling events leading up to, during, and after an incident. AI-powered smart dash cams provide unbiased video evidence without inaccurate human interpretation or the stress of guesswork so your driver can document their story correctly. 

Create Preventative Training & Incentives 

As a fleet manager, your goal is safety without compromise. Preventative training is integral to reaching and sustaining that goal. And during driver training, concrete, visual examples are the most effective way to learn.  

When Titan GPS dual-facing AI dash cams record unsafe driving behavior, fleet managers can use that footage to provide feedback and training examples. By the same token, when the dash cam records good driving behavior, fleet managers can use the footage to reward drivers and provide constructive training examples.  

Another positive option is to create an incentive program. Fleet managers can provide consistent goals drivers can work toward each time they get behind the wheel. Empowered drivers are happy drivers. Happy drivers have less turnover and are less likely to drive aggressively overall.  

Wrapping Up 

A GPS with dash cam combination provides video verification of driver behavior, so you can reward drivers and create a positive experience for them. Video evidence gives context to driving incidents, letting you evaluate and document the severity of an incident and protect your drivers’ reputations (and yours by extension).  

Our AI dash cam system is an all-in-one smart fleet solution designed to give you and your drivers peace of mind. When drivers understand you’re using dash cams as a way to monitor and reward good driving behavior, they are less likely to resent dash cams and more likely to match driving expectations. So, what are you waiting for?  

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