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Prevent Vehicle Theft With GPS Fleet Tracking

Though we may think of vehicle theft as a rare, unlucky occurrence, this crime is more common than many realize. In both the United States and Canada, thousands of vehicles are stolen every year without ever being returned to the original owner. In fact, between the years 2012 and 2014, the NICB found that 12,603 vehicles were reported stolen with the keys left inside.

In recent months, vehicle theft has been on the rise in the Toronto area. According to a December 2018 article published by CBC, new technologies have given criminals an unprecedented advantage for car theft. Thieves reroute wireless signals from modern key fobs to unlock and start a stranger’s car. After the car is running, the thief can simply hop in and drive away.

Regardless of the type of key vehicle owners use, all motorists should take precaution to stop vehicle theft before it happens. If you’re the manager of a fleet of commercial vehicles, anti-theft protection is essential to maintaining your business.

One way fleet managers can prevent vehicle theft is by installing GPS vehicle tracking solutions. Here are just a few ways modern GPS trackers keep thieves at bay:

1. Geofencing Technology

One of the anti-theft solutions GPS tracking software offers is geofencing, which creates a virtual barrier around a pre-logged destination. Once the truck is within this virtual fence, the driver must notify managers when they leave. If the driver does not send notice, managers receive an alert stating that the vehicle has left the marked-out delivery area without authorization. With geofencing, managers will know the moment a truck leaves a location unexpectedly.

2. Unauthorized Use Alerts

With GPS technology, managers can also receive notifications when a truck is moving while a driver is off-shift. After receiving this notification, a manager can contact the driver directly and ask why the truck is not stationary. If the driver is not with the vehicle, both the manager and employee will immediately know a theft has occurred and can notify authorities at once.

3. Disconnected Tracker Alerts

Finally, managers will also receive notification if a tracking system becomes disconnected. This way, if a thief attempts to remove tracking equipment before stealing the vehicle, managers will be able to take swift action.

Though an oft-overlooked crime, vehicle theft is surprisingly common across the United States and Canada. If you’re a fleet manager, ensure that vehicle theft doesn’t get in the way of your business and install GPS fleet tracking. For more information about anti-theft tracking solutions, contact Titan GPS today.

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