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How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Business

Mankind reaching for solutions to common or new problems has been the impetus for nearly all technological advancements. And nowhere are those problems more relevant, more emergent, and more likely to be solved by technology than in business. Matters of logistics, budget, promotion, branding, and good old fashioned work are resolved daily in innovative ways by businesses using the very latest in technology. Today, many of those solutions are finding their way to businesses of all kinds via telematics companies and GPS technology. Following find some of the problems, old and emerging, that businesses are solving with the help of telematics companies.

Vehicle and Fleet Maintenance

Using a telematics company to track the routes, mileage, and use of your shipping vehicles can tell you a number of things that would otherwise be left to educated guessing: which vehicles have traveled past the limit for their tires? Which have accumulated too many miles since their last tune-up and fluid change? It’s no longer the sleekest solution to run out to the depot and have a look at tires and odometers. And having no system for tracking routine maintenance can lead to damage and failures that cost a great deal more than the regular maintenance would have.

The individual maintenance tasks for a single-vehicle can run into the dozens, depending on how the vehicle is equipped. And your business is likely maintaining a fleet of vehicles, often with very different needs. Using qualified and current telematics companies enables businesses to monitor and be alerted to the progress of each fleet vehicle’s mileage, excessive idling, excessive or harsh use, maintenance, and emerging needs. Telematics companies can help to tailor a system of monitoring and alerts that keeps your vehicles strictly maintained.


In many states, engine idle reduction is enforced by law and punished by fines as great as $2500. GPS tracking can help your business monitor and curb excessive idling and remain in compliance in those states, and ecologically sound even in the states without such laws.

Fuel Consumption

Telematics companies specialize in preparing your GPS tracking system to monitor and adjust to changing, difficult, and wasteful routes. Efficient routes are an evolving element of economical and effective shipping. Using GPS tracking enables you to monitor and compare the routes and fuel consumption of your shipping fleet. In addition, human errors such as incorrect routes, inefficient speed, excessive idling, rapid braking, and other factors can be tracked and resolved, saving your company money on one of its greatest expenditures: fuel.

Driver Assistance

In the event that a vehicle or driver is disabled, assistance can find them quickly and efficiently with GPS tracking provided by professional telematics companies. Nearest drivers or units can rapidly be identified and dispatched, eliminating precious minutes of downtime.

Schedule and Time Demands

Time spent poorly is money spent poorly. And like time, money spent poorly is gone forever. With a fleet of vehicles at work each day, even seconds can add up. GPS tracking improves time management for your company and your drivers by assigning drivers and vehicles more efficiently and preparing better routes.

The ways in which a GPS tracking service can improve a company’s efficiency and productivity are limitless: many innovations and advancements haven’t even been developed yet. Using a respected and innovative telematics company is the best way to keep up with the many ways, current and emerging, that your business can benefit from using GPS tracking for its fleet vehicles.

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