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How Can GPS Tracking Help Your Vehicle Fleet Achieve Sustainability Goals?

Fleet sustainability with GPS tracking

Whether you have a fleet of five vehicles or 50, practicing sustainability can help improve your business both in a social and in an economic sense. Making progress towards sustainable initiatives can show your stakeholders and the greater community that you’re dedicated to a greater cause outside of your business.

In addition to all of that, sustainability for your business can also mean saving money. So with all that in mind, how can you go about achieving vehicle fleet sustainability initiatives? Here’s how GPS tracking business technology can help.

Lowering Fuel Usage

One of the best ways GPS fleet tracking equipment can help your vehicle fleet become more sustainable is fuel monitoring. By monitoring fuel usage across your vehicle fleet, it’s possible to determine how much unnecessary fuel is being used and why that might be happening. Once you understand those issues, it’s possible to engage in smarter route planning, seek out ways to eliminate idling time, and eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.

Monitoring Driver Behavior

While fuel usage is a sustainability issue, it’s ultimately your fleet drivers who are responsible for it. GPS fleet tracking can not only track mileage and the location of your vehicles, it can also monitor driver behavior. For example, GPS tracking solutions can monitor things like sudden stops, aggressive acceleration, and speeding. Not only can this alert you to potentially dangerous driving habits, it can help your drivers modify their driving behavior.

Sizing Your Fleet Correctly

Montreal uses roughly 172 vehicles to clear snow from the streets. That number might seem big, but it’s big for a reason. The people responsible for clearing snow likely understand that 172 is the ideal number of vehicles needed to clear all of Montreal’s snow. Do you know how many vehicles you actually need in your fleet? GPS tracking business tools can help you do just that. By tracking how many vehicles are rarely or never used, you can reassign them to another division where they’re needed or eliminate them from your fleet entirely. Not only does this save you on fuel costs, it means less maintenance and repairs.

GPS fleet tracking can be so much more than simply knowing where your vehicles are at any given time. Using these tools can help your fleet attain sustainability goals now and in the future. What are you waiting for?

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