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3 Ways to Make Your Fleet Business More Efficient

Embarking on any business adventure requires careful planning. Starting and managing your own vehicle fleet, for instance, requires more than a few good trucks and a few good drivers– you’ll need a focused economic strategy to keep your company lean and ensure sustainable profit margins.

Whether you manage a fleet of snowplows, milk trucks, or reefers, efficiency is paramount to company success. Here are three expert ways to limit all kinds of waste, so that your fleet and your business keep running.

1. Update Driver Accountability Measures

As a fleet manager, one of the best ways to make your entire company more efficient is to ensure that your employees are practicing good waste-reduction habits. Make sure to communicate with your team about expectations regarding fuel use, miles traveled per day, and other important quotas and deadlines. Consider establishing rewards and bonuses for those who meet their goals for several months in a row. Or, install GPS fleet tracking software, which can monitor your driver’s speeding and idling habits to keep them accountable.

2. Improve Productivity

Late arriving at work, extra-long lunches, leaving work early, under-work and unwarranted overtime is a costly problem that GPS tracking helps eliminate. Based on a conservative industry average of gaining 30 minutes of productivity per day per fleet vehicle with a GPS tracking system these fleet operators have the opportunity to significantly boost their productivity. At an average billing rate of $150 hour and a gross profit margin of 40%, that 30 minutes a day gained equals an additional monthly contribution potential of $660 per fleet vehicle. With just 15 vehicles, that’s $118,800 per year in additional productivity contribution!

3. Eliminate Fuel Waste from Idling

Keeping track of idling time is absolutely essential to lowering fuel costs since unnecessary idling is one of the biggest ways fleets lose money. Too much idling can have other repercussions– it’s bad for the environment, it’s hard on engines, and it’s also against the law in many government jurisdictions across North America. What’s more, over-idling fines can range from $50 to $2,500 and more per incident. With GPS tracking hardware, you can monitor your drivers to ensure they’re compliant with company and government policy, which ultimately saves you money.

With these tips, any new or established business with a vehicle fleet can reduce fuel, money, and time wasted. By operating more efficiently, your business will be more likely to stand the test of time. For more great tips or to learn about GPS fleet tracking, contact us at Titan GPS today!

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