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Public Works departments are faced with unique challenges that can only be solved with mixed fleets featuring a little bit of everything. With Titan GPS and Titan MuniCams, Public Works departments can track and manage their mixed-fleet assets with a whole new level of insight.

Mixed Fleet Tracking

GPS tracking and monitoring for every fleet asset.

Public Works departments are tasked with handling dozens of different operations, requiring a wide variety of mobile assets to ensure the right unit is always available for the job at hand. Titan GPS can track everything from graders and snowplows to pickups and backhoes, providing a whole new level of insight into Public Works operations.

Key Features

  • Cellular and satellite devices for complete coverage, no matter where you are
  • Wide range of available tracking hardware, including self-powered and plug-and-play options for any application
  • Available Heavy Equipment OEM Integration for hardware-free equipment tracking

Primary Benefits

  • Complete fleet coverage for virtually any mobile asset
  • Centralized dashboard providing total visibility
  • Robust fleet-wide reporting options

Winter Road Maintenance

Intelligent winter maintenance operations.

Titan GPS is trusted by some of the largest winter maintenance fleets in Canada to provide advanced snowplow tracking and monitoring systems that enable new levels of control, efficiency, and insight into winter maintenance operations.

Key Features

  • Create accurate equipment activity reports and manage labour and fuel costs.
  • Compatible with the industry’s leading Spreader Controllers.
  • Enhance intelligent fleet operations with advanced integrations

Primary Benefits

  • Increase asset lifespan
  • Optimize utilization
  • Gain enhanced visibility and insight

Roadside and Mobile Sprayer Tracking

Intelligently monitor sprayer usage and coverage.

Roadside and mobile sprayer tracking provides Public Works departments with advanced control over spraying operations. Monitor and manage spray patterns based on mapping overlays, exclusion zones, target species and spray volumes for intelligent vegetation control.

Key Features

  • Update weather conditions such as wind speed and direction
  • Adjust measurement and reporting based on custom spray volumes
  • Configure spray parameters for target species

Primary Benefits

  • Quickly generate reports based on data logged during spraying operations
  • Easily export spray collections to view operating areas as a mapping overlay
  • Manage spray areas as needed, including custom exclusion zones

Live & Historical Tracking

Track your fleet on the move.

See the location and status of all of your Public Works fleet assets live on a map. Powerful auto-position updating has your fleet updating in real-time as they move turn-by-turn. Fleet replay provides the option to go back weeks at a time to review individual or entire fleet movements and status changes.

Key Features

  • At a Glance Location and Status
  • Visual Display Assist
  • Configurable Tracking Resolution

Primary Benefits

  • Instant Location Verification
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Efficiency

GIS Overlays

Add your own maps to Titan GPS.

GIS overlays allow you to integrate and overlay custom web-based map layers, including local and infrastructure mapping data. Map overlay functionality gives you the ability to view fleet assets in conjunction with spatial information vital to your department.

Key Features

  • Multiple data formats
  • Export Hhstory to GIS
  • Simple integration

Primary Benefits

  • One system, all your data
  • See all GIS data points
  • Leverage Google Maps

Software Integrations

Expand the functionality of your telematics.

Your GPS fleet tracking data should complement existing enterprise software systems, not compete with them. Titan GPS has options for live and historical data integration for your enterprise software systems. Provide deeper business insights across your organization.

Key Features

  • Custom-tailored APIs available
  • Simple API integration
  • Seamless integration with ArcGIS, Ezri, and MuniSight software

Primary Benefits

  • Integrated reporting
  • Improved business intelligence
  • Easier, data-driven decisions

Rental Program

Manage the fluctuating needs of your fleet.

Not every asset in the fleet is going year-round. he Titan GPS Rental Program provides public works departments with an affordable, flexible option for keeping track of seasonal assets without requiring a long-term commitment.

Key Features

  • Live tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Aggressive driving alerts

Primary Benefits

  • Improved accountability
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • More accurate wage management

In-cab Video Camera Systems

Improve safety and accountability.

In-vehicle cameras visually record and capture critical driving events. Fleet operators spend enormous amounts of money on driver safety, only to find out at the scene of the accident, the driver was texting. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can improve the overall safety of your fleet.

Key Features

  • Commercial ruggedized strength
  • Stand-alone and cloud-based capture
  • Forward and optional Driver-facing Ccmera

Primary Benefits

  • Secure tamper-proof protection
  • Manage critical events
  • Stay informed with live captured video

In-field App

Digitize your operations.

Every day presents a new set of circumstances for municipal Public Works departments. By leveraging the powerful In-field App from Titan GPS, you can ensure that field crews are always prepared. Custom digital forms can be configured for hazard assessments, incident reporting, daily safety meetings, task checklists, or anything in between, ensuring crews are always thinking ahead and operations managers are always in the loop.

Key Features

  • Fully custom and configurable
  • Pre-loaded templates for common in-field forms
  • Instantly share and file filled-out forms

Primary Benefits

  • Ease administrative burden
  • Reduce reliance on hardcopy paperwork
  • Maintain department-wide standards


Temporarily share the live location of any fleet asset.

Public Link enables users to create shareable links that can be accessed by anyone you choose – internal or public-facing –  all without the need for them to download any apps or software. Provide better service and peace of mind by managing timeline expectations, offering visibility into your fleet, and sharing accurate updates of asset location and progress.

Key Features

  • Set custom expiry dates and link recipients
  • Choose individual asset(s) for sharing
  • Create links from the Titan GPS web interface or Titan GPS Fleet App

Primary Benefits

  • Share internally with employees to help with offsite maintenance, asset recovery, and logistics
  • Keep parents and caregivers the ability to check on school bus and transit progress
  • Cut down on client calls to dispatch with real-time updates

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Titan GPS has extensive experience working with urban and rural municipalities, counties, and districts. Request a quote today and work with an expert fleet consultant to find the perfect tracking and monitoring solution for your department’s unique fleet needs.

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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


Talk To Us Today For Your Business Fleet​

Let us provide you with information orq a quick quote for all Your Fleet Tracking & Management Needs. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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