Digitize Your Field Operations

With individual ‘modules’ designed to fit a wide variety of purposes and applications, users can configure the new Titan GPS FieldDocs app to suit the needs of their specific business and field operations.

Field Operations Management with Titan GPS FieldDocs

Titan GPS FieldDocs is a mobile operations tool designed to minimize paperwork, centralize documents and optimize field operations. We offer our customers a variety of features for custom configuration for your unique needs. FieldDocs is everything you need in a single operations management app.

Digital Vehicle and Equipment Inspections

Save time and cut down on paperwork with digital vehicle and equipment inspections. The Titan FieldDocs app allows your drivers and operators to quickly select any asset in your fleet, and easily highlight vehicle issues, add comments, and document defects with pictures right from their mobile device.

Configurable vehicle and equipment digital inspection forms track asset condition and make it easy to schedule maintenance, repairs, pre- and post-trip inspections so your fleet is always ready to go.

COVID-19 Health Screening App

Get your business back to work safely and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread with configurable health assessments. Quickly assess any individual entering your building or worksite and make informed decisions to prevent the spread.

Increase safety and provide your staff, visitors, and customers with peace of mind.

emergency dispatch & routing

Gain more control over how your municipal emergency services respond to any given call out. Operating on the advanced FieldDocs platform, Emergency Dispatching & Routing is built for exactly what the name suggests: ensuring your first responders have immediate access to critical dispatch information, including assets required, units en route, and destination details.

Featuring real-time feedback that tells you which assets are available and which have accepted the dispatch; municipalities can decrease overall response times, ensure each call is getting the appropriate response and stay connected to your first responders.

Gravel Program

The Titan GPS Gravel Program 2.0 features vast improvements and new innovations to help track and quantify material distribution. The new cloud-based solution also integrates seamlessly to the Central Asset Management System (CAMS) platform.

Users can track key data points for every load, leading to higher efficiencies, more robust record-keeping, and better management of material and assets.

Custom Digital Forms

Take field operations paperless with digital forms! Create custom forms that fit the specific needs of individual projects, company standards, asset-specific requirements, or virtually any other application.

Ease administrative burden, cut down on manual paperwork, and organize important forms easily.

Hazard Assessment

Paper-free Hazard Assessment forms with digital signatures allow field crews to easily assess any identified potential hazards according to job, task, or location. Hazard ID or Assessment forms can be custom-built to fit the needs of any field, shop, or office setting.

Instant sharing enables simple distribution to administrators, contractors, supervisors, or anyone involved in project work or safety programs.