U.S. Certified ELD Solution

Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Canadian Certified ELD Solution.

Certified by the CSA Group. Alternate day start times. iOS and Android support.

Effortless GPS for General Motors Fleets​

Combine the power of Titan GPS and General Motor’s built-in OnStar® functionality to drive fleet insight and optimize safety by taking advantage of real-time location and vehicle metrics.

No Installation, No Down Time, Contact-Free

Integrated GPS for General Motors Fleets

OnStar® equipped vehicles of all types can easily be connected to the Titan GPS’ Advanced Fleet Management System without the need to install additional hardware or experience any downtime.

Easily connect your GM vehicles with the intuitive, web-based Titan GPS Dashboard and enhance your fleet operation with key features such as: advanced fleet analytics, driver safety insights, improved vehicle security and service & maintenance tracking.

What is OnStar®?

OnStar® is a subsidiary of GM that provides a suite of vehicle services to 2015 GM models and up.  The system collects diagnostic information and GPS data that can be accessed through the integration with Titan GPS.

The OnStar® connected hardware on select GM models means integration is non-invasive, contact-free and there is no installation required, saving you time and money. 

“The seamless integration of OnStar with the Titan GPS platform provides a great deal of insights to GM Canada fleet customers.  These can help increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance & downtime and improve safety.”

Ben Jensen, Chief Executive Officer at Titan GPS

Effortlessly Gain Visibility into your GM or Mixed Fleet

One Platform to Manage Your Fleet

Users can access vehicle information including location, speed, fuel consumption, tire pressure, oil and other vehicle insights.

What can you track with this integration?

A Purpose Built Fleet GPS Tracking System

Next Level Fleet Operations Management

Take control of your fleet with Titan GPS. Get real time visibility and actionable insights that help you stay on top of fleet operations, improve profitability, and maximize efficiency.

Fleet Efficiency


Fleet Health


Loss Prevention

Business Analytics

Fleet Management Made Easy

With our advanced enterprise level solutions

Connected To Everything You Need

API Integration Specialists

Get access to more vehicle data by using our open API to integrate any software customization that works best for your fleet. Titan GPS’ SDK (software development kit) allows you the freedom to customize your solution and workflow to best fit your fleet’s needs. Our endless software customization can work for anybody.

Further Fleet Efficiency

Increase Fleet Operations Workflow

Everything runs a little smoother with Titan GPS’ Advanced Fleet Management System. The system features integrated vehicle inspections, dispatch and routing capabilities, fuel receipt tracking and more so your fleet can operate more efficiently.

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