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Titan GPS is excited to announce the launch of the Titan Logbook Free Version – a no-strings-attached electronic logbook solution for commercial drivers everywhere!

With the free version of Titan Logbooks, commercial drivers can take their Hours of Service (HoS) logs digital without requiring any hardware. This powerful new tool is an ideal starting point for drivers, administrators, and fleet managers looking into Electronic Logging Device (ELD) options ahead of the June 2021 Canadian ELD mandate (you can read more about the Canadian ELD mandate here).

The free Titan Logbook tool is far more than just a short-term trial. With no hardware required, Titan Logbooks can be utilized as an electronic substitute by any commercial driver currently utilizing paper logs. With less than a year until commercial drivers across the country will be required to switch to full ELD solutions, Titan Logbooks acts as a perfect primer for drivers and administrators to test, train, and prepare for the future of HoS management.

Why Titan Logbook?

Not only is the new Titan Logbook an easy-to-use e-log tool designed to ease drivers into the transition from paper to electronic logs, but it also gives fleet managers and administrators a chance to get hands-on experience with digital logs, and start collecting valuable feedback from drivers as they prepare for the sweeping changes that will come with the 2021 ELD mandate.

Commercial drivers across North America will be quite familiar with logging HoS in traditional paper logbooks. The transition to ELDs and e-logs will be significant for everyone, but for some drivers, it is an especially difficult shift away from decades of doing things a certain way.

Titan Logbook empowers drivers to take things at their own speed, get used to new and unfamiliar methods, and lessen the learning curve ahead of the ELD mandate – with no cost or long-term commitment.

How Titan Logbook Free Version Works

You can sign up for Titan Logbook with no commitment – no credit cardsno hidden fees, and no subscription required!

Switching to an electronic logbook solution has never been easier. Drivers and administrators can test the future of HoS logging in just 3 quick steps:

  1. Register for Titan Logbook
  2. Download the free app for iOS or Android
  3. Start using!

That’s it! At any point leading up to the June 12, 2021 Canadian ELD mandate, registered users can simply get in touch with a fleet management expert at Titan GPS to upgrade to a compliant ELD solution. Titan GPS’ ELD solutions are FMCSA certified and registered,  with Transport Canada ELD certification currently pending.

Simple and Easy to Use

The experts at Titan GPS, consulting with drivers and fleet managers across the country, have leaned on years of experience and their extensive knowledge of vehicle telematics, fleet management software, and HoS rules to engineer a truly user-friendly solution.

Intended to make the transition to ELD as seamless as possible, Titan Logbook was created using the framework of our FMCSA registered and certified ELD solution, meaning that users on the free version are getting virtually the same HoS logging experience as fully-compliant ELD users.

This approach means that when the ELD mandate is implemented in Canada, Titan Logbook users can dive right into the future of commercial driving with a familiar interface and similar functionality.

This includes the simple, non-distracting display that drivers will be required to have mounted in their cab after June 12, 2021, automatically calculating:

  • Time remaining before required break
  • Time remaining until driver’s limit is reached
  • Time remaining in shift
  • Time remaining in cycle

Digital Pre- and Post-trip Inspections (DVIR)

One familiar aspect of trucking that is not going away with the ELD mandate is daily Pre- and Post-trip inspections, or Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). As an added bonus to Titan Logbook, the free version of Titan Logbook will give users access to an intuitive, digital option for their daily truck walk-arounds.

Digital inspection forms, built right into the Logbook app, will allow drivers to get used to going paper-free by enabling them to:

  • Create and submit vehicle inspection reports in seconds
  • Customize inspection forms to suit their trucks, trailers, and company standards
  • Easily toggle between multiple trucks and trailers

Customer Success

At Titan GPS, we recognize that new technology and changing how you do something can be challenging. Whether you have a single truck or manage a fleet of hundreds, we are here for you. For new users on the free version of Titan Logbook, our experts have put together an extensive set of instructional videos and handy resources to help you prepare for going paperless and the upcoming ELD mandate.

Our expert fleet consultants are also ready to discuss the unique needs of your business, your plans for ELD compliance, and how we can help you overcome any fleet management challenges you are currently facing.

Click here to get started with your free version of Titan Logbooks today (available on both Android and iOS), or give us a call to take the first steps toward ELD compliance!

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Let us provide you with information orq a quick quote for all Your Fleet Tracking & Management Needs. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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