ELD Compliance Timeline: Will You Be Ready?

Canada begins enforcing its ELD mandate in January 2023—it’s closer than you think. It can take up to 5 months to finish your research, training, installation, and implementation. Will you be ready?

We hosted a webinar with Strategic HSE about how you can prepare for the Canadian ELD mandate’s enforcement. We want you to be ready, so we’re sharing our deck that includes a timeline with key milestones.

Download “Your Fleet’s Timeline for ELD Compliance in Canada” Canada-ELD-Mandate-Compliance_Titan-GPS-2.pdf – Downloaded 51 times – 3 MB

Want even more? Download our in-depth ELD timeline checklist to make sure you’re on track.

Titan GPS ELD 2.0 is the first Canadian ELD provider to be certified by the CSA Group.

Some key capabilities are:

  • Supports Apple and Android smart devices
  • Alternate day start times
  • Digital forms integration
  • Step-by-step driver training

Titan GPS identified the need for an ELD solution that’s easier to manage, troubleshoot, and customize. We went a step further and integrated that solution with our suite of products—including in-field digital forms, AI dash cams, and our industry-leading GPS fleet management system—for a comprehensive efficient workflow and maximum ROI.

We can help you achieve your compliance with ease and precision. Let’s get in touch.


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