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4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Your Business’s Day to Day Operations

Whether you have a fleet of five vehicles or 500, improving efficiency in day-to-day operations is key to running a successful business. If you’re struggling to maintain and improve daily efficiency, GPS tracking may be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s how GPS fleet tracking can help you improve daily operations efficiency.

Scheduling Jobs

It’s a good day when there’s plenty of work available for your drivers, but unexpected jobs might throw a wrench into otherwise fully-planned schedules and routes for the day. That’s where GPS fleet tracking comes in. With an equipment tracking device in each of your fleet vehicles, you’ll be able to monitor traffic and other driving conditions, as well as manage new jobs that might come up unexpectedly. With the help of GPS tracking, you’ll be able to send the nearest driver to their new job location without any disruption of other duties.

Dispatch and Routing

Real-time GPS tracking provides fast, effective dispatching and routing. See where your vehicles are at all times to identify the closest truck to the next destination and determine an optimized route that minimizes fuel costs and time spent on the road and send those directions to your driver’s phone when in unfamiliar areas. With historical trip tracking, you’ll also know that you’re drivers are sticking to the most economical routes.

Lower Fuel Costs

All those scheduling and rerouting things we talked about earlier? They can lead to serious fuel waste if you’re not careful. If your driver gets stuck in traffic, idling for just two hours en route can waste almost $780 in fuel annually per vehicle. With preemptive rerouting and route efficiency planning tools, GPS fleet tracking can help you save money on fuel all year round.

Shipment Tracking

Customers want to know where their goods are at all times. If you’re in the delivery business, it pays to be able to send this information to your customers. With GPS equipment tracking devices, it becomes much easier to track your shipments and relay location info to your team in-office and your customers waiting on their packages. Not only does this make for happier customers, but it also gives you insight into how your deliveries can be even more efficient. 

From driver tracking to fuel efficiency, GPS fleet tracking can change the game for your daily operational efficiency.

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