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10 Pitfalls that Derail Your ELD Compliance

10 Pitfalls That Derails Your ELD Compliance

Transitioning to electronic logging devices (ELDs) to be compliant with Canada’s ELD mandate is no small feat. At a high level, you know you have to choose a third-party certified partner, install and test your devices, and train your staff—the process can take more than 5 months. In the rush to get everything done before January 2023, the day-to-day details can slip through the cracks. Don’t let these pitfalls derail your ELD compliance.

#1: Make Sure Your Smart Devices are Tech-Ready

By definition, ELDs require technology to work. The wrong technology can make or break successful compliance, so keep in mind that tablets or smartphones older than five years may not work with current ELD solutions.

When training your drivers, have them download the related app and test it on their device. Remind them to check for app updates regularly.

#2: Decide Who Supplies Smart Devices

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to provide smart devices (e.g., tablets or smartphones) for drivers or implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy that allows drivers to use their own smartphone or tablet.

If you’re providing tech devices for your drivers, a big decision is whether to use smartphones or tablets. Consider these pros and cons:


  • Bigger screen
  • Never leaves the vehicle 
  • Fewer Bluetooth interruptions
  • Use mobile device manager for more control of application updates
  • Often purchased and distributed by the company
  • Can put in SIM card to have access to data

  • Small screen
  • Always with the driver
  • Easy to carry around to complete other tasks (e.g., vehicle inspections)
  • Movement in & out of the vehicle could cause Bluetooth interruptions
  • Privacy concerns from drivers (if BYOD)

#3: Check Smart Device Operating Systems and Support

Whether you provide tech devices or you support BYOD, the next hurdle is the operating system—Apple or Android? If you have a mixed-device environment (i.e., some devices are Apple, some are Android), you may have trouble finding a solution that supports both. Titan GPS ELD 2.0 is compatible with both Apple and Android so you get to decide what works for you, and you’re covered either way.

#4: Confirm ELD Device Inventory & Delivery

Covid really did a number on the worldwide supply chain—shipping and delivery of just about everything is taking much longer than expected. Right now, it can be tough to get the chips required for ELDs to work. Before you partner with anyone, ask them about inventory and expected delivery.

While others are scrambling and pushing delivery dates, we anticipated this problem and planned ahead. We have the devices and chips others are still waiting on, and our ELDs are ready to go.

#5: Define Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding is the process of bringing everyone up to speed before they go through specific training. A good onboarding process makes subsequent training easier and can be replicated consistently as new team members join.

As you conduct onboarding, let drivers know why ELD is mandatory, how it can benefit them, and what can happen if they don’t adhere to the strict mandate requirements. For example, the ELD mandate requires drivers to take eight hours off. If they log in at 7 hours and 59 minutes, they could receive a violation. Knowing these expectations ahead of time provides a foundation for future training.

#6: Ask About Driver Training

Technology isn’t everyone’s thing and drivers may push back on learning something new. Do you know how to put together a training program for your drivers? Ask your ELD partner if they provide training resources for your drivers.

Our answer? Yes, we do. We want you to be as ready as you can be, so we’re making it as easy as possible. As our partner, you’ll have access to:

  • Onboarding
  • Step-by-step training
  • Online training resources
  • Online legal documents (required to be in each CMV)

We also have a handy checklist to make sure you meet ELD compliance by January 2023.

#7: Ask About the Help Desk

If you’re using any kind of tech, questions and troubleshooting are going to come up. Look for a partner who knows what’s what and can help you get up and running (and stay up and running).

We have trained Customer Success representatives to answer your questions in real-time.

#8: Check for Optional Alternate Day Start Time

If you run alternate start times, you may be disappointed in your ELD solution options because most of them force you into a single prescribed start time. What you need is an ELD solution that supports optional functions. Titan ELD 2.0 allows alternate day start times so you don’t have to change your operational workflows.

#9: Match Your Exemptions with ELD-Supported Exemptions

Under Canada’s ELD mandate trucking companies are exempt from ELDs if they:

  • Operate under a specific permit issued by a provincial or territorial HOS director
  • Have a statutory exemption
  • Are subject to a rental agreement with terms under 30 days
  • Operate a vehicle manufactured before 2000

Drivers themselves are exempt if they fall under the short-haul exemption and don’t drive outside of a 160 km radius of their home terminal.

If you fall under any exemptions, ask your partner if they have them in place on their app.

#10: Consider Additional Flexibility for Broader Success

You need ELDs for compliance, but wouldn’t it be handy if you could access additional features to streamline your day-to-day fleet management? Think about how much easier it would be to run your fleet if your ELD could integrate with other fleet management telematics products and solutions.

Titan ELD 2.0 integrates with our in-field digital forms app right out of the box, so you have access to customizable forms, vehicle inspection reports, document management, time tracking, and more. It’s not just easier, it’s a game-changer. You can reduce your paperwork by 40% to save time and money and maximize your ROI.

Our ELD solution also works seamlessly with our full suite of enterprise-level products, including AI dash cams and our robust GPS telematics solutions. Forget trying to cobble together an end-to-end solution with multiple partners. Titan GPS has everything you need in one place.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot going on when you’re working toward ELD compliance. It’s easy to miss some important details, so be sure to talk to your ELD partner about the pitfalls covered in this article.

We take partnerships seriously around here, and we’ve worked hard to make sure you’re set up for success. Our ELD solution has some powerful capabilities such as:

  • Certified by the CSA Group
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android
  • ELDs in stock and ready to install
  • Driver training and resources
  • Knowledgeable support in real-time
  • Alternate day start times
  • Pre-loaded documents for driver success

Titan ELD 2.0 is built for compliance and engineered to integrate effortlessly with our entire suite of products for end-to-end efficient workflows and maximum ROI.

Fill out the form in the sidebar to talk to us about how our ELD solution works for you, not against you. And download our ELD Compliance Timeline checklist to make sure you’re on track to meet Canada’s enforcement deadline.

Ready to start your compliance process? Great, let’s talk.

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